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CAPE TOWN, South Africa
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Ive made payments on the 3rd april and on the 26 april to multichoice. However according to them no payment was made on the 3rd april. ( this payment was made on the dstv self service ) up till today the 08.05.2017 i have to call into the call center to re-activate my account. I have sent my proof of payments as well as my bank statements to 3 different supervisors at multichoice ( charmaine.[protected]@multichoice.Co.Za, ashenola.[protected]@multichoice.Co.Za and tebogo.[protected]@multichoice.Co.Za) and everyday i call i speak to someone different. According to them, my profile is under investigation. It has been how long already and i cannot keep calling everyday. I need this matter sorted out asap as i will not be paying any re-connection fees and prorate fees as this is an issue that needs to be sorted on there side.

May 8, 2017

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