MultiChoice Africa / DSTVactivation time for pricelock service

T Nov 14, 2017

It seems reading all the complaints it is not worth it to complaint. Never the less i try.

I bought the price-lock package from a consultant phoned and explained to me what it entails. I decide it is a good deal and go for it. Everything went well. few days and it was installed.

When i phone to activate the first consultant told me they will phone me back in a few minutes, half an hour an hour at the most. After an hour and a half i phoned back. The consultant inform me it can take up to 24 hours for activation!!! As i am on a waiting list. Really does it take so long to do an activation?

This is not the type of service you expect from a company as big as DSTV. Shame on you DSTV!!! Poor service!!!

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