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On 14 May 2018 My Nokia 3 was delivered to my Home Adres. The phone was put on charge for 16 hours, on Wednesday I turned on the phone and it did not switch on, just gave a message that there was no operating system installed.
I am living in a very Rural Area and only get to town on a Tuesday. On Tuesday 22 May I went to MTN Store in Wonderboom Junction in Pretoria where I was informed by the assistant that I got my Phone from MTN Direct and I must contact MTN. I immediately called MTN and after seven calls I spoke with a lady very helpful, Mpho who explained to me that I needed to take the Phone to a MTN Direct shop. at that stage it was late in the Day and I could not go back to the MTN Shop in Wonderboom Junction. I explained to Mpho what my situastion nis and she made notes and also providded me with the following reference number: [protected]. On Thursday 24 May I specifically left for Pretoria from Thabazimbi district to the MTN Shop in Wonderboom Junction where I spoke with Zelna De La Porte at the outlet. Zelna took the phone and immediately told me I dropped the phone and that is why it is not working, I explained to her that I spoke with Mpho and explained to her that the Phone did not work from the get go and it needs to be replaced. She told me they will not accept the Phone. I then requested her to cancel the contract as I am not happy, she again told me I cannot cancel the Contract. she also told me "jy sal nie so met my praat nie" I demanded that she book the phone in and that I wanted it replaced, where she again told me "nee" After a while she took the Phone, out of the Box again and started to work on her Computer. She then took the phone with the charger out of the box and placed the charger, then the Phone (Face down) into the Box and pressed hard on it to get the box closed.
I am very disappointed in the way this matter is handled and the assistance I got from Zelna was absolutely appalling. I would like the Phone replaced immediately or the Contract to be cancelled and the amount that was deducted from by account to be refunded.
My Customer account number: A5144080
MPHO from the callcentre provided me with the following reference number: [protected]
Today 01 June I still did not receive any feedback in this matter

Jun 01, 2018

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