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MTN / complaint about excessive rates

1 South Africa Review updated:

I took out a MTN contract 24-05-2001. I have spent in excess of R300, 00.00 worth of phone calls and sms's. I have always paid in full and on time each month. I've had two accounts with MTN; one 3G and one is my mobile. I have just cancelled my 3G account with MTN and have not renewed my Mobile account with them.
I have NEVER received a phone on an upgrade without having to pay in at least R1000-R2000. I have never received an incentive gift or award for being a valued customer. Over and above that, I have been subjected to extortionate rates and debits taken off my account. With particular reference to the 3G product, which I have just cancelled; the prices being charged by MTN are excessive and exorbitant.
On 21-09-2007, I was ill-advised and took out a contract for 3G. The consultant assured me that 1G was more than enough for my purposes, which were explained succinctly. The contract was apparently a special of 1G at R349. My first two bills for 3G were R2995.64 and R5625.75 respectively. This was clearly not what I had signed for for. When I phoned to increase my Gig volume I was told that I could not amend/upgrade the contract; so I had to make do for the contract period. After several more excessive accounts and after numerous phone calls to MTN to no avail, I lodged a complaint on "Hello Peter". This was the first time I received a phone call from MTN to assist with the matter. On 15 July, 2008, a consultant named Peter Feeke tried to explain the 3G billing procedure and in the process, set a cap of R400.00 for me. I signed and faxed documents regarding this. I thought this would resolve the issue of excessive bills. I also thought that MTN would honour their side of this agreement.
Unfortunately, MTN have not honoured their agreement and have consistently charged more than the figure I've signed for. Not being one who checks my accounts closely, I have not noticed the extra couple of hundreds going off my account. I have however noticed when large amounts like R7000 and R8000 have been taken off my account. My latest bill for 3G is R20, 123.00 which was for a period of 13 days. This is simply not possible and I am outraged my the fact that nobody has tended to this massive problem. I have made numerous phone calls, all of which have not been responded to.
I am astounded that nobody can return my call when I have queried the above. But when I faxed through the form to cancel the 3G contract, I received a phone within minutes questioning why I was cancelling the contract! It further astounds me that MTN can hide behind an excuse of "the cap cannot be guaranteed" when there are sophisticated and advanced systems monitoring this.
The service (more so lack thereof) I have received from MTN is atrocious. It is unacceptable, which is why I have not renewed my 8 year long contract. I will no longer accept this shocking service nor will I pay the excessive rates that MTN lure people into paying. MTN's 3G product is malicious and expedient, preying on people who don't know computer details such as the Rand value of a Mb or Gig etc; as well as not honouring agreements set in place to protect their customers.

Below is a table of my bills, illustrating that MTN somply do not comply with the 3G agreement and just debit whatever they like. The ONLY time my account has ever been within the agreement was when I have NOT used it at all.

07-10-2007 R2995.64
07-11-2007 R5625.75
07-12-2007 R1244.81
07-01-2008 R3213.05
07-02-2008 R1411.32
07-03-2008 R349.00
07-04-2008 R349.00
07-05-2008 R820.69
07-06-2008 R1588.48
07-07-2008 R349.00
07-08-2008 R349.00
07-09-2008 R515.06
07-10-2008 R628.31
07-11-2008 R570.73
07-12-2008 R349.00
07-01-2009 R463.16
07-02-2009 R349.00
07-03-2009 R349.99
07-04-2009 R545.69
07-05-2009 R6662.14
07-06-2009 R7824.24
07-07-2009 R350.79
07-08-2009 R20 123.00

Patrick Feeke
15 July, 2008 Consultant phoned me back because of "Hello Peter" complaint. Set 3G at limit of R400.00

Jermaine Williams
July, 2009 Query bill limit and made a request for a supervisor to call me regarding the matter

Lusanda Dumalisila
27 July, 2009 Query bill and cancel account

Bongani Mkhaliphi
10 Aug, 2009 I called ask when I could cancel 3G and query account of R20 123.00 Ref [protected]

Tracy Coerecius
12 August, 2009 She called to question why I was cancelling my 3G

Jabulani Ntimezo
12 August, 2009 Complaint about 3G billing. He said he would stop debit order for end of August until matter resolved

Sebongile Mahlakwale
12 August, 2009 Credit limit and query 3G account Ref [protected]

I have spoken to several consultants, all of whom have not assisted me with the resolution of this matter. I am anxiety struck at the thought of R22 681.70 coming off my account at the end of August. I have sought legal advice regarding this matter, and fully intend to exercise my rights as a customer.

Yours sincerely,

Bronwen Campbell

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  • Ve
      25th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I took out an MTN contract about 2 years ago. I had 2 cell phone numbers. I never had a problem with mine. I put a bill limit on there and was told that the account wouldn't be more than R30 to R30 extra a month.
    I was never told that if games are downloaded it would be extra. Once I queried the account, I was told that it was R500, because of games, etc. they couldn't prevent us from downloading the games, only making the calls. I never knew that I had a limit of R2000. Only then would they prevent any calls, games, etc from going through. I was stunned!

    This sounds more like a rip off to me. I am considering going to a different Network. My sister is paying R350pm. They say that my 2 year contract has expired and that I should pay R120pm even though I cannot use my account at all, because the discount has expired. I am paying R120 extra a month until the account is paid up, plus the R350 that my sister is paying and we don't get any service whatsoever

    I was just told to pay the account and both numbers are blocked up till now. I took out a cheap contract and added the bill limit because I couldn't afford a big account. When I phoned to make arrangements to pay off the account, I was treated as if I stole something and don't want to pay for it. The customer care sucks. Most MTN customer care operators have no idea how to talk to customers.

  • Lu
      9th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    MTN did a similiar thing to me, they over charge for data while letting you think you still have credit and blame there billing system and say they are not responsible. I have paid thousands on extra data due to MTN's inabilty to enforce my set credit limit!!!

    Stay away from MTN's 3G data card you will be sent huge bills.

  • Su
      11th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well, I am shocked, because vodacom 3G stung me with similar bills and I thought MTN would be my next contract. NOT!!
    And what is the worst, they will not reveal to you where you used all this data on the web, dates and times yes, but nothing else.

    All I can say is 3G vodocom or mtn is a ripp off!!!

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