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MTN / very poor service

1 South Africa Review updated:

I am a contract subscriber to mtn south africa. Over the last six months or so I have tried to get the attention of the 808 help line; each time I was informed by a computerized voice "all our consultants are currently busy... ". Four or five times I had to hold for over 40 minutes, eventually either to give up or have the line go dead. I wrote to mtn about this sort of service delivery but no reply has been forthcoming. I have never once defaulted on my subscription; all I can say is that I am totally disgusted by this behavior. Today, when I finally got through after two attempts to complain about the inability to dial mtn numbers (I could dial any vodacom, cell c, etc) from five days ago, I was given a landline by a consultant; a number that turned out to be a dud - [protected].

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  • Ju
      28th of Jun, 2007
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    In desperation I searched GOOGLE for an MTN complaint site and found this one. My MTN experience has been nothing short of a disaster!

    During the first half of May my husband and I went off the Port Elizabeth's Walmer Park MOBILE SOLUTIONS. The first impression was pleasant but how misleading can the outward veneer be!

    We were asked to fill in the contract forms which we duly did and the places for signature were pointed out to us on all three of our contract forms (two being renewals and one being new). My husband and I received our 'free' phones in reasonable time but the third (new contract) phone took a longer as the banking details' signature block had not been pointed out to my husband and he hadn't signed that particular block. As MOBILE SOLUTIONS does not have a facsimile machine (!) this simple oversight delayed things longer than should have been necessary but finally an arrangement with CELL C in the same complex was made to receive the signed sheet which was then duly collected from them by MOBILE SOLUTIONS. A week or so later we received the third (new contract) phone BUT it was not activated so could not be used. This resulted in another 'back and forth' story and eventually on the 24th May (some 15 days or so later) this phone was activated. We also bought three plastic covers for our phones at R60 each and alas they had all broken within a few days of use!!! Unfortunately I had mislaid the cash slip for these so no refund was allowed. Towards the last week in May I had inquired about the SMS50 bundle for R25 and requested this be loaded on the third (new contract) phone. I was informed that a letter from our company on formal letterhead was necessary. This was duly emailed to an 086 number that I was given. Nothing was forthcoming and various phone calls were made again, one being to CHANTELLE WILLIAMS of MTN who assured me that she would sort everything out. More faxes and more calls and then a LIZELLE phoned and said that we were to phone 16202 to I guess download the SMS50 bundle. This number is not in use. When Lizelle was informed of this, her comment was "It must be a network problem" and she promised to get back to me that same day. Needless to say some three days later and I am still waiting for her call and no SMS50 bundles! Then the Invoice and Statement arrived. We have been charged from the 12 May 2007 even although we were only activated on the 24 May 2007!!! Today I left a message on CHANTELLE WILLIAMS' phone. I guess we just have to WAIT AGAIN.

  • Cl
      28th of Jun, 2007
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    Re: MTN South Africa

    Your services in speedy feedback or completion and re-distribution at the Century City Technical. Services where we customers book in our broken phones that is not even 6 MONTHS old is absolutely DISGUSTING! The phone toll free number service there cannot give any progress, all they keep saying is phone back phone back phone back... They told me it will take 3-4 weeks but my god i booked my phone in the 17 May 2007 and still heard nothing and your consultants after 3 phone calls cannot still give me peace of mind!!! Had other bad experiences with you guys but that will take up another hour...

    Sorry to say but your customer services is totally pathetic! I have supported MTN ever since i can remember but no more, i'm moving over to the Vodoworld now. I hope atleast that when and if i ever get my phone back that its working 100% because from past experiences i had to resend and resend...

    Does it make sense that you MTN is such a huge organization but yet the phones have to sent to Johannesburg to be fixed??? Wheres the sense in that??? The book in centre in Century City is always packed, does that not tell you people something??? You cannot have Nissan dealers in Cape Town and all over the country but only one accredited workshop where broken down vehicles go, and then it takes 2weeks to get there and another 2 to return, really now...

    Do something about it you losing customers!

    Job Card Ref: CCTEC1018089

  • We
      6th of Jul, 2007
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    I am fed-up!

    Went to the mall today to buy airtime, loaded it and headed home. I chucked the used receipt in the dustbin @ the mall and drove my 20 mins home.

    @ home i realized my balance is still zero and thought i must have punched in the wrong digits. Went back to the mall, and embarrassingly dug in the trashcan for my voucher, found it and found it has been used by me already!

    Imagine my frustration, keeping in mind that in the last two months this was probably the twentieth time that this happened to me! Have you ever tried to call the MTN customer "services" helpline? Well, I have...

    "173 - all our operators are currently busy - hold on for 45 mins(?!) - speak to an operator that either cant hear me or clearly cant speak my language (english) properly - hear that there's a problem with the system - get promised that someone will get back to me - hangs up"

    I am still waiting for someone to get back to me, am tired of hearing that i have subscribed to something that i am not aware of, am tired of being told that the system is down, tired of that annoying tune i get while holding for an operator(45 mins?!), frankly, i am tired of MTN.

    In the past two months i received some of my sms's, some of my calls and could at least make most of my outgoing calls. BUT NO ONE THERE SEEMS THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED IN MY PROBLEM!! I have lost close to R500.00 in airtime and all i am getting back for my 12YEARS devotion to MTN is nothing.

    I'm obviously not important enough to MTN, maybe because i am on PAYG? Maybe because i am an individual and not a corporate contract? I don't know... Yebo Gogo, i see a bright new future for me! Goodbye MTN.


  • Jo
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    I am now convinced that becasue I do not use my phone daily - pay as you go - I am sidelined because whenever I want to connect, I regularly get 'No Network' or emergency call only. Trying to get a consultant at 083173 when my phone does not work is not possible. From my landline a call cost lost of money as you all know the frustrating waiting time - and then I get told I took myself off the network! Ha-ha. I connect daily because I do get sms messages and I have to have my phone on when going on the road by car. Consultant then told me the problem will be fixed, I should switch my phone off for 5 minutes and then all will be fixed. Do not believe that. Every day the same old story - tell me the truth - MTN is cutting me off the system to provide for higher income from subscribers - they are overloaded on the system - it is absolutely disgusting! I have been with MTN for many years- get real MTN - you are earning a real bad reputation. Please clean up your act adn fast!

  • Th
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    I have been using MTN cell phone contract for 2 year and couple of months now, and my cell phone was stolen on the 27/06/08. I reported it. To my surprise when I went to MTN to claim the insurance I was told that the insurance was not upgraded so it will only cover up to the amount of the cell phone I was using before.

    Before I upgrade I was using Motorola L7 (insurance covers up to R2500, 00) and this year I upgraded to Samsung G800 which cost around R4000, 00.

    What is also amazing is that I went to MTN (Bloemfontein, Westden) after upgrading, to ask if the insurance has been upgraded to the new phone I am using, and the teller that was assisting me said yes.

    Now they say it’s my word against that teller's words. My question is,
    "Is MTN offering customer service or self service?" Because if it is my fault that I did not upgrade the insurance, why didn't the teller inform me, or they inform me. Instead they continue deducting money for the insurance.

  • Sa
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    im also a contract cust with MTN and i have to say that their service horendious you get put on hold for no reason at all and their hold system is terreble as there is no indication that someone is there as ther is no music! in short it is just terrible

  • Lo
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    This is so true. I agree 1000% I cant see why we have to pay to hear what is our balance. I also receive NO replies on complaints.

  • Lu
      6th of Nov, 2009
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    I agree very much with all you guy that have just complained, the serves from MTN is disgusting. I dont know weather its because they have made enough money from us that they dont need our support any more. I am going to change the network totaly because i am fed up! begining of september when my contranct experied i went and did an upgrade and requested an E63 but up until today i have not received that phone, when i call the Newcastle branch to find out if my phone has arrived i was told that the Head office has not sent it as yet, the worse part is that they dont even bother to call you and let you know what is happening you have to phone and find out at your own cost only to be rejected by a number on machines and people puting you on hold, only to tell you that, oh! we are soory but the phone you requested is not available would you like a black berry instead any yet they have gone billiled for the phone that i have not received as yet? To hell with you MTN i am sick of your services if its not poor network connections it no services at all. I want you guys to remember that you are there because we supported you. Should you need to contact me to veryfy this my soon to change MTN number is 073 040 0586. Shame on you!

  • He
      6th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I'm so glad to see that there are so many other people who feel exactly the same way as i do about MTN. All i can say is please stay away from MTN. Switch to another services provider. Most pathetic service I've ever received from any company. Never mind the levels of incompetence. In the same breath, please stay away from NOKIA. They have a bad habit of selling reject mobile phones & there after service is appalling! My phone was sent for repair and they damaged my phone so badly i couldn't believe they had the audacity to send it back to me in the condition it was in & worst of all the problem wasn't even fixed. They should not be allowed to get away with murder.

  • Ic
      22nd of Oct, 2011
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    I have been with MTN for six years and I am truly sick of them. You have to call 10 times to get information. You log a question via the wed site and you never get an answer. No notification when services is cut off. How is this service provider still operating as their service all round sucks. Even the call centre does not understand u half of the time and does not provide all the information that you require.

  • No
      6th of Oct, 2013
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    mtn sucks, I've been using my sim card for more than 5years and now I wanna do a sim swap they tell me that i`m giving them wrong infor hell no I hate u guys and u also lack customer service damn I regret using mnt. I hate u guy. I've been answering this stupid question about my sim and u tell me that I don't know my phone. I think its time I change this damn network.

  • De
      20th of Apr, 2016
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    1)I have tried to resolve the issue of my line having a restriction on calls for over a week now. After numerous calls to MTN and confirming that this has been resolved - it still has not been resolved! Reference -16195311/164171351
    2) Have been having issues with not being able to send emails. Still not resolved in fact the problem became worse! After spending 2.5 hours on the phone with the call centre -Ref-SMC/00005080444

  • Ni
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    MTN - Assault and poor service
    South Africa

    Good day,

    I’m not sure if you can assist me in this.

    My complaint is with MTN. I took out a contract with them
    and but have had poor reception with the phone since I took it. It has
    progressively become poorer with regards to reception where calls are being
    dropped and there is no signal after I have received a call or made a call.

    So I took the phone to the branch (Freeway plaza) and they
    informed me that I can take it to the service centre for same day service which
    is located in Crown Mines. When I took it there, the lady at reception informed
    me that they don’t take LG’s and HTC phones at that centre and that I should
    take the phone to Midrand. They could take it but it would take a few days.
    When enquiring if they have a loan phone, it was stated they don’t. Being
    annoyed at the fact that a customer can’t get a loan phone, I proceeded to the
    branch from where I took the contract.

    When I went to the store and I tried explaining the
    situation, the two consultants argued with me that I was wrong. Even in the
    attempts to call the service centre, they spoke over me so that I couldn’t get
    through. They proceeded to harass me with the fact that no loan phones can be
    given as it is too expensive for them. They
    continued to insult me and made statements such as “its like speaking to a
    brick wall”, “don’t bother about him” and ignoring what I had to say. The one
    consultant took off his jacket, and this is what really hurts me, and stated “come
    outside, I’ll show you” and when I didn’t go out, he stated “its because you
    f*****g scared”. In this time, I kept my calm as I knew that things could go
    out of hand and put forth my case one last time and walked out.

    I laid a complaint with the manager through the call centre,
    but don’t think my case is serious enough to take forward.

    If you can assist it would be appreciated. I just don’t want
    dealings with MTN, they can take back their phone, but just release me from
    this contract with tyrants.

    Thanking you

    Mr. N.A. Pursooth

  • Du
      2nd of Aug, 2016
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    I'm not the one to complain on a public forum, but I'm Gatvol.

    I've been a good MTN contract customer for 14 years with two cell contracts and a 3G contract, up to Nov 2015 I never had any issues. But since Nov 2015 I have had endless issues. It started with a R2500 bill on my 3G dongle, 7 years of never having a bill more than R300 - 6 weeks of constant calling back to follow up and escalating the complaint I receive a e-mail with a excel sheet with Date/Time/Data usage. I go through the data and there is data usage 2 or 3 am in the morning during week days, 5am sunday mornings, etc. I contact them again to querying why. I get told that Cell phones/ Tablets download data at random times - I carefully explain that it is a 3G Dongle that only works when plugged into my Laptop and I'm sleeping at those times with my laptop is off - I get told not to worry its free data at those times - She can't grasp the point that data is going off when I'm not using the Damn thing.

    Then the SMS started on both my contract phones, "your data bundle is finished and you are incurring costs" two days after the airtime/Data had recharged, I check my accounts and there is plenty of data and airtime, phone 808 and they state they will rectify. I've given up on that one and just delete the massages now.

    The latest issues is with MTN Active contract self-service portal that just gives errors (ref 7054862) and the Content charges on my statements for the third month in a row, I run the USSD codes *141*5#, *123*10# and *123*2# . each one states I'm not subscribed to anything. Each time I call 808 they tell me there is nothing on the system and they will rectify the issue. I will get a call from the accounts once it is done - I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A SINGLE CALL BACK FROM MTN CUSTOMER CARE/HELP DESK OR ACCOUNTS - the only time MTN has called me is to try sell a new contract and the re-tensions department when I moved my first contract to Vodacom. The latest consultant I spoke to this week said he found something and has removed it from my account, not sure if its true or if he is just lying to me to end the call (Ref: 222749255)

    I can't wait for September and Feb next year to get my next calls from MTN re-tensions department, when I cancel those contracts and transfer them to Vodacom as well.

  • Ro
      9th of Jan, 2017
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    Mtn's service levels are pathetic. I cancelled a debit order on all 3 of my contracts, the debits still went off. I reversed the ants as I had already paid the sub's in cash.I then notice I was charged rd charges for the reversal. They have the nerve to tell me NOW that a debit order needs to be cancelled 10 days before despite me confirming with the agent that it will not operate. They refuse to do a correction on my acc.they are a bunch of i###ts and I CNT believe that they are allowed to do as they please with our contracts...why is nothing being done to rein them in????

  • Ja
      24th of Jan, 2017
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    Subject: Sim card cancellation

    RE: 078 1207 411

    Good day, I have tried following the Issue Handling Procedure to resolve my issue but without success as not one single consultant has put me through to the specific consultants supervisor or any other supervisor for that matter. I have tried on many many many different occasions to try to get hold of the consultant: Naydene Emanual but each time come through to the Durban branch while they inform me that she is in the Jhb branch. I have once or twice come through to the Jhb branch and requested to speak to the supervisor but each and every time am requested to explain what the problem is to the consultant who then promises to escalate it and when insisting to speak to the supervisor then I am informed that there is only one and she is constantly in meetings and will get back to me which never happens.

    My problem is as follows:

    One of the telesales people had contacted me in October 2016 (please forgive me but I am not quite sure about exact dates) offering me the J5 Prime on contract for R195 per month. The phone was delivered shortly thereafter and I was very happy with it. The number that was given to me was: 083 300 6472.

    Soon thereafter my daughter then also requested that I kindly take out a second contract for her as she had only started working recently. This is where the problems started.

    I contacted the mtn inbound centre in either late November or early December 2016 (once again apologise for not knowing exact dates) and spoke with Naydene, explained that my daughter had an mtn sim already and wanted to 'convert' or 'upgrade' her own sim: 071 978 0391 to contract with 2gig and J5Prime phone.

    Then I further informed her (Naydene) that I noticed that the phone, my J5 Prime has provision for 2 sims (dual sim) plus sd card (slots on side of phone reflect one big slot which contains two smaller slots and then another slot on same side and since that is the case I would like to upgrade my mtn sim to contract as well as I wanted to take advantage of the 2gig for R99 per month and that sim (078 1207 411) was being used in my blackberry which was giving a lot of problems and therefore having a dual sim phone would suite me perfect as all my accounts etc were linked to the 078 1207 411 number. I had explained all this to Naydene Emanual and she took all my details and confirmed that the new phone plus 2 sims would be delivered within days.

    True to her word, it was delivered very quickly. I then contacted her and she said to insert sims in phone to activate them. First problem was that she had ordered two incorrect sims. Also the phone I ordered was silver yet a black phone arrived. I informed her about this and she said they could sent it back but my daughter was very excited about the phone and said black was fine. Naydene then advised me to go to my nearest MTN store and have the sims exchanged for micro sims. This I did and inserted in my daughters phone (071 978 0391) and all was good.

    Then when I got home I tried inserting the other sim in my phone but only to discover that the second 'hole' was a dummy one, not made for a sim card. The following day I contacted Naydene who then informed me that at no time during our conversation (when ordering the phone) did she inform me that the phone WAS dual?!! Anyway I now explained to her that the 2gig contract is now of no use to me as I have no phone to use it in, serves no purpose as I was hoping to use it in my J5 prime together with my 083 300 6472 number. She said I do have time to cancel and I need to then take it immediately to my nearest MTN store to be couried to their MTN inbound store in JHB. This I did and I spoke with a Tabisa Molose at the MTN canal walk store on the 6th of December 2016 and she contacted Naydene and arranged to have the sim courier.

    Naydene then said that it should take a few days and by friday, 16th December 2016 she would have my sim reverted back to pre paid. I advised Naydene that I would be going on leave from 15th December but gave her my cell phone email and advised that I could be contacted either via email or cell phone. I have had absolutely no correspondence from Naydene and have tried on numorous occassions to contact her or her supervisor but as explained above have had no success. I tried several other numbers and finally felt I was finally getting somewhere when I spoke with Matumelo Sothoane on the monday, 19th of December 2016. I explained the whole situation and she said that I would have to pay a cancellation fee of R298.99 and she would then revert my 078 1207 411 but to pre paid. I immediately paid this fee and sent through proof of payment. I contacted her the following day but still no proof of payment reflected her side and she could only do it once payment reflected. She said it sometimes takes up to 72 hours. On the 3rd day I phoned and was informed that Ms Sothoane was on leave until 20th January 2017. I was also informed that my sim was now on prepaid. I was thrilled that the contract was finally cancelled. I then bought a new sim and when trying to do a sim swop was informed that the number cannot be swopped as it was still a contract number.
    Back to square one. Nothing was done and nobody can confirm anything. Now told by cancellations that I have to pay R4000 and odd to cancel????
    Also told to wait until Ms Sothoane return from leave. The sim is still at MTN as it was never collected and I am expected to pay for a sim I cannot use and do not with. I have since discovered that the reason why they refuse to cancel is due to Naydene Emanual incorrectly linking my number 078 1207 411 to my daughters new phone, instead of linking the 071 978 0391 to the new handset as she was kindly instructed to do during our telephonic conversation, she incorrectly linked my pre paid (which was to be upgraded to 2gig contract) to the new handset.
    Ref numbers are as follows:
    REQ: 7734077
    I am now begging you, anyone, for your assistance as I have now constantly come up against brick walls. Everyone promised to assist yet nothing gets done. In the meantime I am paying for something that I do not have and cannot use as my sim 078 1207 411 is still at the MTN store in canal walk.

    Please please please assist.

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