MTA Bx6 (Hunts Point-Riverdale)rude mta bus driver

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On Thursday June 11th at 9:15am I got on a Riverdale bound Bx6 Bus (7683-I could be mistaken) in Bronx, NY after waiting 40+ minutes for the bus. During the 40+ minute wait, a bus drove by with the caption "NEXT BUS PLEASE" on the marquee of the bus. When I got on the next bus at 9:15am, the driver was extremely rude. I know that MTA workers work hard and that their responsibilities can be trying at times, however, customer service is necessary when operating the bus. That's just my opinion. Anyway, when the bus was approaching Southern Boulevard (4 stops after I got on the bus) that driver notified patrons that Southern Boulevard would be the last stop on that bus. At this point, I'm am already 20 minutes late for work and I was not near my destination.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Bronx, NY I voiced to the driver that he should have announced that as people were getting on the already crowed bus instead of allowing them to get on the bus then get off the bus shortly after getting on. He told me there were implications on the side of the bus stating that Southern Boulevard would be the last stop. I replied stating "no one is paying much attention to the side of the bus when they have been waiting 40+ minutes for a bus. Our focus is to actually getting on the bus". He replied by telling me that I need to read. At this point I lost it because he was being rude and disrespectful. I understand that things happen that may cause bus service delays however dealing with a rude bus driver on top of that should never be tolerated. The MTA needs to train their employees with better customer service skills and attitude. Not to mention that the fares for MTA keep increasing while the quality of the service continues to decrease.

Jun 11, 2015
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  • El
      Aug 13, 2018

    I live at 158th and Riverside Drive. There is a BX6 bus stop right outside our back door. I waited August 13 2018 at the stop, which was clearly marked as a BX6 stop. At 10:04 or so a bus came up -- and departed, refusing to take me. That is: the driver would not open the door. He just drove away. I was standing two feet into the street by the bus-stop sign, indicating that I was a passenger who wanted to board. I was left fuming and cursing. Then another bus came. Same thing. He pulled up, refused to open the door, and then slowed down for a stop sign a yard or so towards Broadway. I am 77.5 years of age. Nevertheless I tried to hurry towards the bus, thinking the driver would wait for me. What a silly expectation. As I was running forward this bus, too, pulled away and left. I started screaming and yelling all the four-letter words I knew. I just lost it. I am calling 511 and issuing a formal complaint. Who do they hire as drivers, anyway? These people should lose their jobs.

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