Mr. Appliance / poor service, unprofessional and likely scam artists

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I hired Mr. Appliance of Boca Raton to repair a dryer in January 2017. They came out found the problem and gave me an estimate. They stated they needed to order a part and needed a deposit of $170. I called multiple times to find out if they part was delivered and to schedule the repair. I finally spoke to some days later who said the repair was schedule the following week. When the tech arrived for the repair he said that he couldn't do the repair, because he couldn't move my dryer. He left and I made attempts to call the company and speak with a supervisor regarding the matter and did not receive a phone call back at all. I finally spoke with the tech 2 days later and expressed my frustration and he stated that his supervisor approved a full refund and they would cancel the service. After 2 weeks I did not receive the refund as promised and attempted to contact the company regarding the matter. I did not receive any phone calls back and was told that they would "look into it" Due to the lack of response by the company I filed a complaint with the BBB in February. Eventually I was told my refund was approved "A while ago" and they didn't know why I hadn't received the check and that they would "look into it" Without any return call I was then told that they had to speak to the bookeeper about the issue of why the check wasn't issued. A week later I was finally told by the company that they had my check, but would not send it until I removed my online complaint with the BBB. I refused and asked to speak with the supervisor about it. Since that time I have made numerous attempts to speak with "Mike" the supervisor who is always out of the office and they state they will give him the message. At this point they are sending all of my calls to voicemail and completely ignoring my calls and messages to resolve the matter.

Mar 10, 2017

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