Motel 6 / toilet overflowed over whole floor

I paid for three nights. With in few hours. Called front desk air conditioning didn't work. They couldn't switch me rooms. Well few mins later my girlfriend went pee. And when she flushed toilet [censor] tampons toilet paper started coming off for at least five mins. Before I could [censor] water off. Told front desk and they gave me three towels and a plunger. I said 300 towels wouldn't clean it. So I walked back to the room. When I got in room. Phone rang. Guy said I had five minutes to leave or they calling police on me number one. That's breach of contract. Can't kick me out cause your hotel under construction and it iverflowed cause poor maintance. But he did anyway. Cops made me leave. Had sleep in field for two days till I got money get a room again. All of our clothes are ruined he wouldn't pay to wash them. And everything we owned was on the floor. And I need help my number is [protected] name Michael oconnor it was motel 6 Alexandria la

Motel 6

Nov 20, 2017

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