Motel 6 / stolen jewelry

Framingham, MA, United States Review updated:

I was staying at the Mote; 6 on Rt9 Framingham Mass from 8/25 to 8/27/2017
On 8/26 I went and told the maid didn't need room service in 403 just needed 1 towel she gave me the towel and said you don't want service and I said no.
Put my boyfriends bracelet I just gave him 2 days ago in the bottom of my suitcase then LOCKED it we went out and came back that evening notice that the towels were replaced and wet ones were gone thought nothing of it .
The next morning went to get bracelet and notice the suitcase was unlock and said I don't remember unlocking this last night when I went to get the bracelet it was gone torn the room apart went down to front desk they said give us an hour so I did then called and was told to come down. I talked to Craig Dilley general manager. Told him about my conversation with the maid and his response was she doesn't understand English then He asked me my name and date of birth I didn't understand why he needed my D.O.B. told him I had just given that bracelet to my boyfriend 2 days ago so he told me he would look into the who went into the room So I called the Police to file a report they came and took my statement gave them a picture of the bracelet, they gave me a case number went back to my room to get my suitcase to leave When I came down the police officer was still there talking to Mr Dilley So they asked me when I brought the bracelet and I told them a couple of years ago which I stated earlier to the officer But Mr Dilley said I said I brought 2 days ago and I told no I said I gave it to my boyfriend 2 days ago and he said I brought it 2 days ago went back and forth and finally I said "I said I gave it to my boyfriend 2 days ago" he rolled his eyes and the officer said it alright you can go.
Now I am out a $2200. mens 9inch gold link bracelet because that motel hires thieves I would like to know what is going to be done about this
My name is
Annette Azzariti
207 Turner
email: [protected]
Room was under my boyfriends name
Robert Marcoaldi
35 Hunt Ave
Buffalo N.Y.

Aug 28, 2017
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  • Ce
      Aug 28, 2017

    okay i made a mistake, they did not steal my bracelet, i found it, actually my boyfriend had it because I gave it to him two days ago. I am imberresed now.

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  • Be
      Aug 28, 2017

    @[email protected] Do you really get your kicks just making troll accounts to pretend to be other people? So sad

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  • Be
      Aug 29, 2017

    That's what makes it a troll account. check out the profiles. you can see the difference in the L of aol In fact, you can see it in my post when you look at the (with a capital i) instead of the original poster's with a lower case L.

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