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Motel 6 / recent stay at motel 6 in salt lake city

1 United States

March 13, 2018

Dear Customer Service,

On March 10, I stayed at the MOTEL 6 in Salt Lake City located at 55N 400W Street. I did not have a good stay.

I am an experienced traveler and over the years have stayed at Motel 6 many other words, I know that Motel 6 is a discount chain and I was prepared for a no-frills, yet comfortable experience.
Instead I had a bad experience.

Some of the lack-of-service aspects don't rise to meaningfully affecting my stay, but I am going to share them anyway, so you have the complete picture.

At check-in, I was told I'd be staying in the rear building. I had checked in after dark, and when I pulled around back I immediately noticed the exterior lights of that building weren't on, so I found my way to my second-floor unit [room 251] in the dark. I am an adult male and the darkness was no big deal, and by the time I returned that evening the lights had been turned on. But what would Tom Bodett think?

When I entered my unit, I found the dead-bolt was inoperable. Again, as a male that was no big deal. I wasn't worried about my safety and could rely on the chain-bolt. Had I been a lone female, I may have felt differently.

The room was utilitarian and clean, except for a used plastic cup on a high shelf in the bathroom area. I surmise it was too high for the cleaning staff to see. Not a big deal, but not expected.

I turned on the TV, but there was no signal. TV was advertised as coming with the room. But I wasn't there to watch television, so I let it go.

When I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I turned on the bathroom light and startled some insects in the tub who darted so quickly back and forth, I couldn't tell what they were. At first I worried they were cockroaches, but identified them as silverfish. Startling and creepy in the middle of a sleep, but not cockroaches or bedbugs, so no big deal.

The next two items were big deals.

I had noticed when I got into the room that the bathroom faucet had been [recently?] replaced and was not matched to the sink. It was ill-fitting but worked fine and I had no problem with that. Then the next morning I tried to take a shower.

Evidently the same cracker-jack plumber had replaced the water valve in the shower. There was hot water; there was cold water; but there was no mixing them. I had to stay out of the shower spray and dip a washcloth into the hot water to wash myself. That was a deal-killer in terms of my stay at Motel 6. I could do without a deadbolt or TV, but I 100% expected that a shower was included in my stay.

I went to the front desk and complained at check out, listing the deficiencies to the clerk so they could be remedied for the next guest, and to hear his response to my complaints. The clerk did not apologize for any inconvenience I encountered. Instead he implied I was at fault for not calling the front desk when the TV and deadbolt didn't work. If I had, they would have moved me to another room. If I had done that, I probably would not have encountered the bugs or the bad shower. What?... this was all my fault?

I stopped him from continuing his scripted response and suggested he could have started the conversation with "I'm sorry your stay didn't meet your expectations" and he replied that he was just going to do that when I interrupted him. But then he didn't apologize; he continued his scripted response. I asked the clerk for his name, but he said he couldn't give it to me.
I left Motel 6 completely unsatisfied.

My question for you, Motel 6, is why would I ever stay with you again?

Chris Lawrie

Mar 13, 2018

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