Motel 6pets

I have had my daughters cat for 13 years and he has never been outside. But my first night in your establishment on j clyde morris blvd in newport News Virginia the cleaning staff let him out of my room and instead if informing me they tried to play it off as they did not enter my room. My daughter is sixteen and has had this cat since it was born she is totally a wreck and your staff at this location wants to act like its an every day occurrence that they mistakenly let animals wonder out of their facility. I have already contacted my corporate lawyer about the whole situation and the stress it has caused my family. I can also guarantee my corporation will not use motel 6 for their lodging from this moment on. Not only is your staff here rude but they have no concern about anything that goes on in your establishment. Hell i checked in last night and the first thing that was noticed was giant holes in the bathroom door the mini fridge half works and the room stunk. Then my cat turns up missing and nobody here cares in the least when my daughter hasnt stopped crying in 2 hours and the lady in the office was rude and thought it was kinda funny

Jul 30, 2018

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