Motel 6 Paducah / broken air 93 degrees in room

Paducah, KY, United States
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I am in shock as I sweat sitting here in paducah today. I didn't get a bit of sleep, I have complained to three different people in the last 24 hours and they still haven't fixed our air. One worker said to shut it off for a few, didnt work, then another front desk employee came to check it out, SHE WALKED IN OUR ROOM WITH A LIT CIGARETTE RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY TWIN BABIES! I CANT EVEN BELIEVE THISS. we asked for another room and they said they we're booked but I seen many empty rooms at midnight when I walked out for air since it's cooler outside. I paid 76$ to stay here. And this is how they run this place? Not even an apology!

Jun 24, 2017

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