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I moved in here December 2011 and have had roaches ever since. Western exterminators have come multiple times, but to no avail. The exterminator and maintenance have told me which unit is the culprit, however, no action has been taken to evict this family. The unit has never been "bombed" for roaches in the year I've lived here...the exterminators have only ineffectively sprayed every two weeks, or set out ugly roach traps for my guests to see in my kitchen. Almost 1 year later and still roaches?! Unacceptable and embarrassing to your company!

I also believe that I have mold growing in my carpet because I have unexplainable black spots resurfacing EVERYWHERE. When I talked to "management" in the office about replacing the carpet myself, I was told that I was not allowed to do this and that it costs him $50 to replace carpet in an apartment. At my request, "management" and maintenance inspected my carpet for 45 minutes. In my opinion, maintenance felt the carpet should be replaced, but "management" did not. I was told by "management" that my carpet could be cleaned but not replaced. (My carpet was not replaced before I moved in, and when I asked the "management" if he had records as to when this unit had new carpets installed, I was told that these records do not exist!?). When I told "management" that I contacted a company who tests for mold and was told that cleaning the carpet would be ineffective (as the mold would grow right back) I was told that I could have it tested for mold at my expense. When I asked if my carpet would be replaced if I could prove it was mold, I was told that this would not be guaranteed!
At the current moment, my apartment has a foul odor permeating throughout. I believe that the smell is from dead rodents between my ceiling and the roof. I used to hear them running and screeching up there and complained about it last month. I was told by Western exterminators that an "opening" where these rodents may be entering from was located and was sealed off. And now all of a sudden I have this smell? I have been in contact with the office for over a week about this. Although the receptionist and one particular maintenance man have been as polite as they can, I am still living in this unhealthy condition! My chimney has been swept and my air ducts will be cleaned at an unknown time today, however I was already informed that the air ducts are a sealed off system and that nothing could get in I'm not holding my breath that cleaning the ducts will help.

I refuse to sleep here at night due to these unhealthy conditions. I will contact the East Brunswick Board of Health and the local newspapers about my concerns if this is not resolved immediately!!!

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  • Li
      Oct 10, 2012

    As the writer of this post, I'd like to clarifly that at the end of my 2nd paragraph, it was "management" who told me that a mold test would be MY expense and that a positive test for mold would not guarantee that my carpets would be replaced.

    I'd also like to update that when I returmed to my apartment this morning and went into my bathroom, there were maggots all over the floor. I'd say 20-30 or so of them were crawling all over the floor. I called the office to find out that "management" was out of the office and only the head of maintenance was at work due to call outs. He met me at my apartment and swept up the maggots while the air ducts were cleaned by an outside contractor. No carcasses were discovered in the air vents however it was confirmed by maintenance that 2 men from maintenance will come to look under the insulation between the ceiling and the roof (as the maggots that came out of an airduct in the bathroom came from the ceiling). After an initial inspection by maintenance through the crawl space to ceiling, some "droppings" were observed. No carcass in plain view.

    So what next? Am I safe to stay here? My family and friends on Facebook want me out of here ASAP!

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  • Kb
      Oct 12, 2012

    We are sorry about all of the issues you had to endure in your apartment, we try to make sure everyone is in a healthy and happy environment and we were not able to make that happen in your case. I hope that we were able to fix the problems that you were having and that you are happy in your new apartment. We once again apologize and if there is anything further we can help you with please don't hesitate to contact the leasing office at [protected].

    Cranbury Crossing Management

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  • Ka
      Aug 14, 2018
    Morgan Properties - fees for breaking my lease and they blew me off for they didn't care about safety
    United States

    Can you get back to me about my complaint that I put in on morgan properties? they said they would get back to me and I did not hear back yet. karen m fazio can you look up my case it is in the complaint board files. broken lease [protected]

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  • Mi
      Oct 22, 2018
    Morgan Properties - Massive damage to my apartment
    Lansdale, Pennsylvania
    United States

    I live in lansdale PA and there has been work underneath my apartment. The work caused massive damage and cracking to my walls and windows. My front door wouldn't open. My roommate was locked inside. I have been told it would be fixed numerous times. Still nothing has been done. Please contact me whenever you can.

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