Montage Furniture Services / warranty process

Bought extended warranty through them for 2 power recliners that I bought at a higher end furniture store . Have a board underneath that bolts came loose or broke on . It cannot be seen without removing material but they want 5 pictures of which will be useless because it won't show the problem . Then fill out multiple forms . I have never in my 49 years seen a warranty company that made it hard to file a warranty claim. I have notified place of purchase that I will no longer do business with them, due to the fact that they use a support company that is more or less a scam . That company is currently looking into other warranty companies to do business with . I normally don't complain, but this has really irritated me . Do not waste your time or money with this company ! I wish I would have read reviews online of them first . I normally don't believe online reviews, but in this case believe it. I will be reporting to every place I can.

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