Montage Furniture Services / not following through on warranty

I purchased around $10, 000 worth of furniture from Ashley's furniture in February of this year (2016). I paid over $500 for a Montage plan that I was told would cover bodily fluids among other things.

My son cut his foot and bled on the couch and the same day he had an accident on the couch (pee). This was on 10/24/2016 and I called to file a claim to have this fixed. I emailed all of the pictures and service request requested...then waited. I heard nothing. 2 weeks later, I call to check the status and I am informed that they received my service request but no pictures. At this time, I resend the pictures.

After a few days, I call again to check on the status of the claim and am told that they are missing the service request! At this point, it has been roughly 3 weeks and no resolution or contact from them, other than when I am calling.

So I resend the service request and a week later, the day after Thanksgiving...I receive a generic "Your claimed has been denied" email. I try to call and their office is closed due to "inclement weather". I wait and call back that Monday and they say they will look into it again.

I AGAIN get an email...not a call...saying that my claim is still being denied. I ask for a reimbursement, which I feel is ONLY right since they are denying the only claim I have requested and it is something I was guaranteed would be covered. They email me a response 4 days later (today 12/2/2016) saying I have to write a letter and send it SNAIL MAIL then they will prorate a reimbursement plus charge a cancellation fee...oh and I must add, they included a phone number that was WRONG on the bottom of the email!!

This company is a JOKE and robs people of their money!! Then you, as a consumer, are left with no recourse. They should be put out of business!!! No customer service and refuses to hold up their side of the warranty!!

  • We genuinely want to provide a pleasant service experience and, whenever possible, a satisfactory outcome to valid claims for purchasers of our plans. We process many thousands of claims per month and the vast majority of them go very smoothly. We are sorry that Ms. Vargas’s experience did not go as smoothly as we both would wish.

    Upon review of Ms. Vargas’s claim notation, it is noted that Ms. Vargas did indeed call on 10/24/2016 to start a claim on her sectional sofa citing urine and blood stains, which are covered issues under the Protection Plan that Ms. Vargas purchased with her furniture. Ms. Vargas called ten (10) days later on 11/04/2016 to inquire about the status of her claim, to which Ms. Vargas was informed that we, Montage Furniture Services, had received part of the required documents, but were still missing others. Ms. Vargas uploaded several more documents via Montage’s website, and then called seven (7) days later to inquire about the status of her claim. Ms. Vargas was advised that we had received the additional documents, but that one (1) page of the Service Request Form was still missing. Because Ms. Vargas’s claim involved bodily fluids, her claim was placed on high priority to help expedite the process once we received the final missing page of the Service Request Form. The final page to Ms. Vargas’s Service Request Form was received on 11/12/2016 and her claim finished the review process on 11/15/2016, which is within the 2-3 day timeframe that is advised will take to properly review the claim.

    While bodily fluids such as blood and urine are covered under the terms of Ms. Vargas’s plan, the photos Ms. Vargas provided showed additional stains on her sectional sofa that are consistent with stains that have accumulated over time. All Montage Protection Plans cover damage or stains that occurs from a onetime incident, not damage or stains that occur over time, which was the basis of the denial on Ms. Vargas’s claim. Ms. Vargas can reference this in her Protection Plan under Section Three (3) “What is Not Covered”, the letter “E”, which states, “ACCUMULATED STAINS OR DAMAGE RESULTING FROM LACK OF REGULAR CARE AND MAINTENANCE…”, and the letter “N”, which also states, “ANY STAIN, SOILING OR DAMAGE RESULTING FROM EVERYDAY USE OR THAT HAS BUILT UP OVER TIME…”

    In order to honor the equality of all purchases of our plans and to maintain nondiscrimination amongst claims, we do need to follow the written terms of our Protection Plans, all while understanding that each customer has different circumstances that surround the basis of their claim. We can certainly understand that Ms. Vargas’s son could have cut his foot and then proceeded to urinate on the sofa accidentally. Therefore Ms. Vargas was offered a compromise as a customer service measure. If Ms. Vargas had the stains that had accumulated over time professionally cleaned at her own expense, we would then address the blood and urine stains.

    Regarding cancellation of Ms. Vargas’s plan, she did indeed reach out via email asking to cancel her Protection Plan. Ms. Vargas was advised on how to cancel her plan and was given the phone number to the Care Team that handles her claim if Ms. Vargas had any questions or needed assistance with this process. The procedure required to cancel Ms. Vargas’s plan can also be found in the written terms of Ms. Vargas’s Protection Plan under Section Four (4) “Conditions”, the letter “F”, which states, “You may cancel this Agreement for any reason at any time. In the first thirty (30) days You will receive a full refund upon cancellation. To cancel within ten (10) days of receipt, contact the Selling Retailer of Your Agreement for a full refund. After ten (10) days, contact the Administrator in writing with this Agreement and a copy of Your sales receipt to receive a full refund. After thirty (30) days, You will receive a pro-rated refund based on the time expired less a twenty-five dollar ($25) cancellation fee, or ten percent (10%) of the purchase price (whichever is less), less the cost of claims paid…”

    Again, we are truly sorry for any frustration Ms. Vargas has likely felt during this process but our offer to cover the blood and urine stains after Ms. Vargas has had the other stains that are the result of accumulation and have built up over time professionally cleaned still remains. If Ms. Vargas does not wish to pursue this, then the denial on Ms. Vargas’s claim will stand. Ms. Vargas is welcome to cancel her plan if she so chooses to but will have to abide by the written terms of the cancellation policy as all purchasers of our Protection Plans must.

Dec 02, 2016

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