Monitronicscontract terms cancellation attempt

I had an agreement with Moni as I signed the original agreement with Capitol Connect. They installed several new monitoring devices and a new monitoring panel. My agreement with Capitol Connect was for 36 months. The paper copy that I signed had the 60 months scratched out by the sales person and we agreed on 36 months. I have talked to Capitol Connect and they have verified that the agreed upon term was for 36 months. The digital contract sent from Capitol Connect to Monitronics showed 60 month as the period of the contract (that was the standard for the digital contract) that was transmitted in error of what had been agreed to.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TXThere is a low end acceptable term of 36 months, but is has to be written in as a modification. I have verified with Capitol Connect that the contract term was for 36 months. (It is on the audio conversation of the contract verification). Monitronics will not accept this audio as a mater of record. I'm sure they would if it was in reverse.
Any way they insist that my contract was for 60 months and are requiring written documentation from Capitol Connect in order to adjust the term of my contract. I am at the mercy of someone elses' ethics. Capitol Connect is willing to work with me but Monitronics has the upper hand and are not willing to budge.

May 02, 2017

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