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P Oct 10, 2016 Review updated:

Yes I am from Troy, Al and I am in a frantic right now. This company been had a hold on my card because of an address change. I am not upset about the address its just the time frame they ask for information to be sent and I did so now I wait 2 to 3 business days. Ok fax was sent Oct 5 so I started calling Oct 7 got noowhere. I was back and forth with these workers how sorry they are and I am toooo hot just going off. They continue to tell me no service rep was free to talk. Ok I call back now everyone gone after 30 minutes have to call back on Monday. Ok call on Monday still no justice they got my information looking at it but still no money gotta call back on Tuesday or Wednesday this is really not call for. I got 2 weeks check on that card and I told them by the time I get that hold off it will be 3 weeks.


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      Jun 09, 2019

    we have the same problem my son worked for walmart and didnt use his card then when he went to
    use his card a couple months later it wont work called and they have a hold on his account and wont release his income until we fax them his ID and card number ? they wont email us anything or mail us a letter because they claim they already did ? what do we do just fax info to some number not knowing who is on the other end ? should be illiegal to hold his income that he worked for. please help

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  • C
      Jul 27, 2019

    Can they get away with this!!! All I did was activate my visa money network card with the same information with my work card from money network... Now my acct is on hold... The worst company ever!!!

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