Moneybookers And Netellerclosing of account for no good reason

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Yesterday both my moneybookers and neteller accounts were closed. The reason given was that after review my ID documents did not meet the requirements. I had sent them official Belgian ID documents.
After calling both companies all they told me is that the security department made the decision and they can not give me further assistance.

I had both accounts for a few years and had actually never used them. I am not a gambler and not involved in anything illegal.

I have since researched this matter online and have found many people in the same situation. It seems this happens completely at random. I am actually lucky i had no money in the accounts, but other people were not so lucky. After the accounts are closed u get no further assistance and the money in your account is gone.

So be aware of using these companies and do your research before u get involved with them.

Both companies deny they are working together but it really would be a big coincidence. I had not used both accounts for years and now in one day both accounts are closed. Moneybookers had actually allready accepted the documents and then after neteller closed my account decided to do the same.

I actually would like everyone who has a similar story to contact the appropriate government agencies to complain. This has to be stopped!

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  • Ci
      Oct 07, 2010

    I am having a similar trouble. My account was locked for a "security check" since August 2009 until like 2 months ago. They have asked me few times for a verified ID on paper which I sent. I called them several times with no luck. I have some money left in a betting office, which refuses to pay me out anywhere else except moneybookers. I wrote many emails, always getting the same responses - nothing can be done. It appears to me i have lost ~ $6000.

    However, I tried sending a complaint to UK's financial ombudsman. No response from them so far, it is possibly my last chance... can anyone help me with this?? That would be much appreciated

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  • Sa
      Jun 05, 2015

    Coincidence? I don't think so. The same thing happened to me and I still have almost $4000 locked up, both accounts were closed within hours simultaneously with the excuse of carrying out random verification. It's funny how these dudes are making Paypal more popular

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  • Ch
      Jan 13, 2016

    my account is locked too, I guess since they can not earn legally, they want to rely on such lame business practice to earn profit.
    I am filing a legal complaint at the digital wing of police department and everyone else should do the same. Moreover stop using neteller & spread the awareness so that even a single pig in the jungle wont use neteller one day. Thank you

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