Money mart/western unioncustomer penalized for employee mistake

I, a long time customer at Money Mart #1400 located in Dundas and Hurontario, Mississauga.

I would like to report an incident happened on Thursday January 15/2015 @ 6:30pm.
And would like this matter to be handle of result of harassing us, the customer.

At my knowledge, the manager at this time is known as Andrew Busbridge and the employee teller attending to us is Nazieira Kakar (Clerk ID # 5933).

This matter need to be acknowledge and a result of incentive to be given to me for wasting our own time for your employees mistakes.

Incident: 6:30pm
1) We made a remittance to the phillipines on IN MINUTE fee for the amount of $250
Mtcn# [protected]

2) I was sold a piece of jewelry being sold at the same location ( MM Inventory # 14k AE8), the price fee was bargain with the same teller (Nazieria Kakar) twice being confirm with the floor at the manager, Andrew Busbridge, and was given a receipt.

3) At late evening, around 11pm, we received a call from the employee, Nazieria Kakar, informing the remittance that was made going the Philippines (@6:30pm, that was paid In A Minute Fee) has been put hold due to her mistake of selling the jewelry in a lower price, before the money can be release until the balance for the jewelry has been paid

Now, @11:00 ish pm

I return to the location and the evening manager at that moment claims to be Sheila Arabia, had informed that there was an error at the price of the jewelry of being sold, so my money I have remitted to my daughter in the Philippines has been place on hold so they can get the money for the difference for the jewelry cost, until the remaining balance has been paid or return the jewelry then the money remitted will be release.

Note: Naeira Kakar acknowledge she made a mistake, she claims to be 5months pregnant and hadn't eaten, so she made a Mistake and she doesn't want to loose her job.

To avoid further arguments, I have decided to make sure my money has been release and to make sure my daughter will received the money then then jewelry will be return.

The floor manager, Sheila Arabia had to do another transaction, because in the Phillippines, it claims the first remitted money was unfounded. After the 2nd transaction, finally the money was released and my daughter received the money.

However, we had paid InAMinute fee but yet I, the customer was penalized and received a hassle dealing with this inconvenience matter done by Money Mart incompetence action of your employee, Naeira Kakar.

I believe I should receive a incentive favour from MoneyMart for the harassment from your company

Jan 16, 2015

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