Monarch Dental / billing for treatment never recieved

United States

My issues started with Monarch over a year ago, I was advised that I needed a deep scale cleaning which I was in agreement with then I was told would need crown also well the root canal was completed, I was told I could not use a cheaper material as the dentist would not do the crown if I did so after several calls 2 different office managers who promised they would help double billing now with collections, a area manager or maybe 2 I have talked with so many even when I went back for additional treatment the office manager did not even speak with me she sent one of the front receptionist back to explain billing, so I really believe they are a garbage dental franchise who care strictly about what office makes the most money, So I will not use them again & I still don't have a crown but I get a Collection Notice every week saying that I owe about $1000.00 after I had 2 dental insurances each pay over a 1100.xx which they say 1 of the checks they sent back & of course insurance says we did not get a refund, plus I paid about 600.00 out of pocket, All for aRoot Canal, Oh did I mention the next time I went back they had the nerve to prep me again for another Root Canal, this is the Denton office I never had problems at any of the other offices I used.


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