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Mohawk Smartstrand / Avoid them

1 United States Review updated:

I replaced my home carpet after 15 years only because it was out-dated. I was suckered into Mohawk's smartstrand 2 years ago based on their ads. Carpet is in high traffic areas, LR, BR, stairs, hall. We have no children, no pets, take off our shoes and vacuum regularly. Within 9 months, smartstrand was looking soiled. Salesman offered cleaning after a year. Mohawk's brochure says steam cleaning will return it to like new appearance. They ran steamer over areas several times and blamed it on a shadow. Made claim with Mohawk, they made me pay to have it cleaned again and have now tried 3 times with NO results. Carpet looks soiled, almost black and awful. Mohawk sent out an inspector who wasted my time. He took a white rag and repeatedly rubbed areas until the rag looked dirty, although the carpet appearance never changed. He blamed me and everything under the sun, except the carpet. Mohawk denied my claim because dirt was transferred to the rag, it must not be the carpet. What a joke and insult. SMARTSTRAND CARPET IS JUNK. Mohawk DOES NOT honor their bogus warranty. I am warning anyone I can, not to waste your money like I did.

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  • Ki
      29th of Aug, 2010
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    Mohawk Area Rugs - Yellowed my floor
    MoHawk Area Rugs
    United States

    MoHawk carpet turned our vinyl floor yellow. They said it was cheap vinyl flooring but other brand rugs we have on the vinyl did not yellow it. I believe they have a manufacturing procces issue and don't what to admit it. We bought it from Target and they don't stand behind what they sell either.

  • Ga
      29th of Sep, 2012
    +1 Votes

    We had a very similar experience. After one year the carpet looked dirty, matted down in several places and had two spots which would not come out. Mohawk sent out a carpet inspector which was an absolute joke. He found that there was no manufacturer defect. Now I am not a carpet inspector, but I am smart enough to know that stains that will not come out of a stain proof carpet is not right. After two years we began shopping for a replacement. At that point we went back to Home Depot where we bought the carpet. They interceeded and replaced the carpet without question.

    Mohawk was absolutly terrible. Your comments are right on target.

  • Co
      31st of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    If dirt transferred to a white rag after rubbing your carpet it obviously came from the carpet. Dirt on the rag = dirty carpet. Sounds like the company who "cleaned" your carpet did not do a very good job.

  • Gi
      14th of May, 2014
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    I am experiencing the same problem. After the carpet was installed it looked dirty. The adds sounded so promising, the reason I purchased it. I have heard you get no where with the carpet inspectors so I didn't bother to call them. I would not recommend to any one to purchase smart strand.

  • Ma
      28th of Mar, 2015
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    Our carpet is holding-up beautifully. What I have noticed immediately after installation in 2009 and since then is a light bluish colored film on any and all glass in the home. I wash the windows and mirrors and within a month the film is quite visible and only gets thicker and dirtier. Even the underside of our glass table tops gets just as filmy as the windows. I never had to wash the windows as often before we got this carpet. I thought the filming would get less noticeable with time but has not. If the gas released from this carpet is causing filming on the glass, then it is on the walls, ceilings, furniture, everything. Worse yet, I'm breathing the air with this film causing gas. Anyone else notice excessively filmy windows?

  • Pa
      16th of Oct, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I had this carpet installed in April, this year. It is impossible to vacuum. My dyson literally will not move, it gets stuck to the carpet. I went back to the retailer who bought me a cheaper, smaller vacuum with less suction. Even this machine is hard to use. The result is the carpet is looking dull and getting dirtier. There are footprints all over it which makes it look cheap, which it most definitely was not. It was top of the range price wise.
    I was seduced by the softness and the advertising which claimed it was a luxury product, stain resistant in the extreme. It came with no care instructions and no warning that a dyson vacuum would not work on it. If it had, I would never have bought this carpet. I am very disappointed and having this whole thing replaced this weekend.

  • St
      9th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    Spent 7000.00$ on mohawk carpet it is the biggest worst carpet on the market called customer service was told not there promblem (nancy) matting was caused by wheel on chair my chair has 4 wheels problem not there under other 3 one month old when issue occured they sent inspector to look at carpet of course bad area was my fault this guy (david zak) gets paid by mohawk do not let this clown in your home tell everybody you know not to buy mohawk carpet going to hire attorney if any body else wants to join my effort please write me I will pay fees this company is nothing but aripoff again tell everybody not to buy mohawk carpet steve mryncza

  • Hp
      15th of Aug, 2018
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    I have the same problem. Look at what my smartstrand carpet looks like four years later. I put remnant of original carpet on top of the four year old carpet. Carpet is now another color.

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