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Dear customers of Mobinil,

As one of the old customers of this provider, I'm going through very bad experience now.
Let this letter of complaint be a warning to all of you and a kind of guide to those facing the same problem.

Briefly, my line was cut without warning for exceeding the credit limits. I've got the detailed bill and together with Mobinil agent we found mistake in calculation of internet data. We filed a complaint.I was told my bill will be changed at the end of the month. But to open the line I should pay 2000EGP. I paid.
At the end of the month I got a message warning my line will be cut for the same reasons. When i went to the same Mobinil agent, the team leader refused to help me. He said the invoice was correct and I could complain to whoever i wanted.
Shocked with such rude and unprofessional attitude, I called 155. It's the National telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), specializing on such cases. My complaint was received. Within 14 days my case should be sorted out. The personnel in this agency surprised my with their high efficiency and quick respond.
I don't know why Mobinil can't correct my invoice when the mistake is so obvious, just simple calculation mistake. I've god the proof and going to fight for my rights.

Summarizing the above, if you have got any problem similar to mine, please DO NOT keep quite. Fight for your rights.
Please dial 155 and you will find qualified specialists to help you.


Cairo, Egypt

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  • Be
      Oct 30, 2009

    I have a similar problem
    First, I got a high bill, about 200 pounds (usually I pay less than 100). Upon investigation, I found that I has the so called 'Group Service' added to my line without me asking for it. The service is 150 EGP/month.
    I placed a complaint on Sep 18th, and I was also told that the problem will be solved by the next bill and that I'll get my money back.
    At the end of the month I got the line cut so I had to pay.
    The next bill (1 Oct) I got the bill with 150 EGP as subscription for Group Service, I called customer service again again and the problem was not solved. After several calls, some customer service agents told me to just pay the amount of money related to my calls and the line won't be cut. I did so, but now at the end of October I got the line cut again. I called again and I was told that the problem will be solved in 24 hours. now I am waiting 24 hours, but I am pretty sure that nothing would happen (as what the case always is). Anyway, seems I have to call the NTRA and hopefully I get this solved
    DAMN Mobinil

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  • Ke
      Dec 11, 2009

    Dear Ekaterina,

    I have a problem with my Mobinil data line bill as well, my data line package gives me a limit of 3GB for 150 EGP a month, after exceeding the limit, each 1MB should cost me 0.25 EGP.

    After receiving a bill of 561.86 EGP, I asked Mobinil bills customer service for the total MBs used, they told me that this information can't be provided unless I get a detailed bill report (for a fee of 23 EGP).

    I requested a detailed bill report to find the reason for the problem, I got a 64 pages report with no total for the data MBs used.

    Moreover, I found that the extra data used is calculated on the rate of 0.01EGP per Byte used, which means -with a simple calculation- that each Megabyte costs 10.48EGP (not 0.25 EGP).

    I placed a complaint and called them a couple of times asking for some qualified support personnel to call me in order to discuss the issue and have it either sorted out, or have them convince me that i have any misunderstanding.

    I've been haunting them for a week now, and the only response I get is that "We've revised the bill and it's correct" and I'm told that some qualified personnel will call me later, and of course, no body calls me back.

    @Ekaterina: Thanks for the tip about the NTRA complaints number, that will be my next step. How did things go with you by the way, did your problem get sorted out already or not?

    I'll be fighting for my right.

    Hany el-Kerdany

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  • Ek
      Mar 17, 2010

    Dear Hany,

    Nothing is solved up till now. As I've found out NTRA can only advice Mobinil to pay attention to my case, but they can't force them to pay me back. So I went to course. Once we informed the company about my intention, Mobinil offerd me 50% discount on hte bill if I close the issue. Can you imagine? It's ridiculous.

    So I went to court. The case has been open. But court hasn't taken any desicion. My husband told me it can last for years, normal practise in Egypt.

    Anyhow I'm not going to give up. Still have a hope to sue the company for all this headache i'm going through.



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  • Be
      Mar 17, 2010

    Hi everybody

    Well I managed to get them solve my issue after a large number of calls with customer service. It is of honesty to admit that it has been solved now

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  • Su
      May 07, 2010

    Not sure if this is relevant. I am with Orange in UK and he is on Mobinil. But I am having severe problems texting/calling my nephew in Cairo from UK- he goes to the University of Cairo but lives in Tokh City - NONE of my messages get delivered - 'problem with network'!

    Anyone else experiencing this! Does this work OK if you are messaging/calling if you are IN CAIRO?! When I do visit Egypt my 'Orange' usually automatically connects into Mobinil!

    Problem has been intermittent over several weeks - but now been unable to send/deliver ANY messages from UK for about 3 weeks (dated 7th May 2010) Susan Glover

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