Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africasamsung s6 not replaced by mtn, zevenwacht but stolen by employee

Mr m reynierse
p o box 6430

23 december 2016
Per email


The ombudsman

Cell phone number: [protected]
Handset: samsung s6

Dear sir,

On 1 january 2016 my family and i were victims to an armed robbery in our home – case no 21/1/2016. among the items that were stolen was my samsung s6, cordless charger and all the accessories.

Autopage was my service provider at the time. they replaced my stolen phone but not my cordless charger. i was given the normal type charger with accessories. i received notification that autopage will no longer be my service provider but will be replaced by mtn.

My new samsung s6 cell phone was faulty so i took it in for repairs at zevenwacht mall mtn and was serviced by rory. he took my phone, the box it came in, earphones, i.e. everything it came with. he said he will send it in so that i can get a new phoned because it was not yet 2 months old at the time. rory said it was mtn’s policy to give me a new phone (complete).

I visited the store on a daily basis. the staff new me by my first name. rory was hardly ever there. the store staff told me that they can not assist me as only rory could access his computer.

To date i have not received my new phone. i have loan phones which are so outdated that i can not check my emails or send whatsapp messages. i have my own business and i am losing business every day due to the fact that i am not getting my phone back.

I have no record of the imei number as all was given to rory. i was told to give it to him.

Janda, a staff member at mtn zevenwacht mall assisted me by trying to find out where my phone was. she eventually tracked my imei number. at that time she had discussed all with her branch manager louise and everyone was aware of this situation. then rory was almost impossible to find.

I contacted get closure but got no joy from them.

Janda told me that i must go and open a case of theft against rory. mtn staff told me that i can not open a case against them i have to open it against rory. i blacklisted the phone and opened a case early in august 2016 – case number: 169/08/2016.

After the case was opened, mtn informed me that they handed my case over to the insurance company. i heard nothing from the insurance company. eventually janda informed me that the insurance company said that they are not liable and will not cover my loss because it is an mtn internal matter and therefore 100% their responsibility.

A week after opening the case, janda, informed me that they think they spotted my phone that was in the possession of an lawyer (woman) that came into the store looking for rory as she had problems with her phone. because janda knew my circumstance and what my phone looked like, she got suspicious and took the number of this phone and saw that it was my imei number. janda enquired from this woman whether she was aware that the phone in her possession was in actual fact stolen property and she must hand it in. the woman said she was a lawyer and she knew her rights and the law and she refused to hand in the phone. this woman asked if mtn is going to pay back the r300.00 that she had to pay to open up the phone for use. she left the store with my phone.

Janda phoned and informed me. i went to the detective branch of the police in kuilsriver and informed them that i knew where my phone was. i asked them to go to the mtn store in zevenwacht mall to collect all the information about the woman that was seen with my phone in the shop. meantime, nothing has been done or heard from rory. the police eventually fetched my phone from this woman at her home address which mtn gave them.

I was told to collect my phone at the detective branch in kuilsriver. i took the phone as is, still in the police bag, to mtn so that they could see what i got back. the phone was in a very bad condition. it had indents, the camera lens was cracked and scratches on the screen. apart from all that, it had been in someone else position and they used it for about 6 months so it had wear and tear and was definitely no longer a new phone. the problem why i gave it in in the first place was still not resolved!

The phone heated up so badly that the whole back cracked.

To this day i have not received my cordless charger, the whole package that was handed in to mtn with my phone or a new phone. i was told by the branch manager of mtn louise that they will compensate me with 3 months instalments for my inconvenience. when i went back to get more information from her, she told me that i must use the phone for a certain period of time in the present condition of the phone so that they can go back to the insurance to put in a claim.

I asked louise about the excess that has to be paid to the insurance company and she told me that they will compensate me with r400-00 and then they will pay the r400-00 to the insurance company and i must pay the balance of the excess.

I have still not been contacted by anyone. mtn thinks the matter is resolved. rory is still scott-free and has not been reprimanded or been held accountable for what he did to me!! in the meantime he has gotten married, went on honeymoon all over the world, posted pictures on facebook and is living the life! mtn has fired him just prior to me opening up a case against him. mtn also told me that i was not the only one that fell victim to rory, there were many other.

I have been a client for many man years, always paid my account and i have never had problems with autopage. mtn is a nightmare and i am not happy. i have exercised patience and still paid my account. it is up to date. my account varies between r2, 200 and r2, 500 per month.

I plead with you for your assistance. all i want is a new phone, cordless charger and accessories like i did the day i bought it. i believe that it is my right to enforce this claim. i am prepared to do whatever it takes to resolve this issue. i hope and trust that it will be resolved with your help soon. i am a businessman and i need my phone to work properly.

I thank you in advance.

Kindly advise at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely

Marinus reynierse

Ps – nb – i have been telephoning your office for months now [protected]) and every time i am greeted with a voice recording that says my call is important, i am first in but my call is never answered. that is why i have written this letter. kindly advise. thank you.

This letter was email to: [protected] twice already and i have not even received confirmation of receipt!

My next step will be the newspaper!

Jan 24, 2017

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