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Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa / mtn is untrustworthy liars

1 Online, Kimberley, South Africa
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On 4 January 2019 MTN call me round 3:00pm because I applied for an additional contract with device, I already have 3 different service including data packages but I wanted an additional one with a device. I did the application and gave all my details and the lady told me that MTN has allocated R1200 to me for a device. I told her which one I want and we finalised the package. She asked to hold on while she does the vetting. When she returned she said to me congratulations sir, you have been approved. We finalised the terms and conditions and she asked me to hold on while her supervisor needs to do a confirmation. Her supervisor came on the line and she confirmed the deal and package and I said yes. The supervisor then said congratulations to me and welcomed me to MTN. After this a week passed before I called to hear when I will be getting my device. I was told it shows processing on their side. I asked when can I expect to find out and was told to call back the following week. Another week passed and I still had not heard anything and I called again. I was told it still shows processing. I then asked why it's taking so long and was told theu have a backlog and are working with the oldest applications first and should expect to hear the following week. This was last week. Yesterday a lady from MTN called my wife's number as I was driving to Centurion and couldn't speak and had given my wife's number up as an alternative contact number. She asked to speak to me and my wife informed her I was on my way to Centurion and will be back on Sunday but can she take a message and I will call her back. She told my wife that she just wanted to confirm a few details of my employment and my wife told her she could confirm since we both work for the same company. The information that was confirmed was company name and address. My wife also asked her if she would like to confirm the number and it was confirmed. The lady called on 15:37 18/01/2019 from [protected]. This recording can be confirmed, aswell as the recording to me on 04/01/2019 around 15:00. My wife asked her if she needs any further information and she said no the processing is now finished and finalised, and next we can expect to hear from the courier, delivery should be next week. Just to make sure my wife asked again and the lady confirmed that the validation and processing is now finished, the contract was approved, and next the courier will call before they deliver. My wife thanked her and they said goodbye. Later when I arrived in Centurion I called my wife to tell her I'm safe, and my wife then told of the call. I was relieved because the processing was taking long and I wanted to know what's happening. I was very glad to hear it's finally done and I'll be receiving my new phone soon. This morning, to my astonishment I received a sms stating the following:
"Dear Valued Customer; your recent application with MTN has not met our criteria and we are therefore unable to proceed with your request."
I was blown away. I read it, and read it again. And then became agitated, remembering all the times I was told that I was approved, all the congratulations, and the final call for confirmation of employer details and then the courier will call delivery next week. I Don't understand how does this work. And I had to wait so long, and call back countless times. I am not accepting this. I am normally someone who would rather let something go than cause a scene. But, this time round I'll be causing a scene. I insist on the package, I want it. I was approved. MTN cannot go back on their word. If I do not get that device, I will be taking this everywhere, and I mean everywhere. There are several places I can think of off the top of my head. So, I am still a nice guy with lots of patience. You can send me my phone as I ordered and you approved, and all will be well. I'm not going away, I'm not going to start and then get quiet and drop it. You will send me my phone, because I qualified for it, and you credit vetted me and approved me, told me congratulations and WELCOME TO MTN!

Thank you.
Wardes van Zyl

Jan 19, 2019

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