Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africafraudulent upgrade

!!!Fraud at mtn brooklyn square and nothing being done about it!!!
On 06/01/2017 I phoned the mtn call center to cancel cell phone contract +[protected] which I have taken out in my name. The contract was due for cancellation. However, I was informed that the contract which I wanted to cancel could not be cancelled due to it being upgraded the previous week on 31/12/2016. I was very shocked to learn about this so-called “upgrade” since I am not in south africa at this moment, nor was I at the time of alleged “upgrade”. My husband and I left south africa on 09/09/2016 and entered australia on 10/09/2016 and have not returned to south africa since.
Upon questioning the lady at the call center (Reference number of the call [protected]) , she informed me that the upgrade for and iphone 7 device was done at brooklyn square store in pretoria by a person called “sandra” and that I simply needed to go into any saps station, state in an affidavit that the upgrade was fraudulently made and then forward it to mtn’s fraud department. I informed the lady that I am unable to go into a saps station since I am not in south africa. She said that she is contacting “sandra” by email and requesting her to phone me in order to resolve the matter and that I would still be called by “sandra” on the same day.
I then phoned the mtn brooklyn square store where I was answered by a lady who said that she is the store manager. I explained the situation to her. She asked how I knew that “sandra” did the upgrade at mtn brooklyn square. I replied that I had phoned the mtn call centre earlier on and that they supplied me with the information. The manager said that there is no person by the name of "sandra" working in her store and that I was not supposed to have obtained information of that kind. She said that I should e-mail a copy of my id as well as proof that I am not in south africa to her and that she will resolve the matter by comparing the photo on my identification documents with the photo on the identification documents presented by the person during the alleged upgrade. She informed me that my identification documents “must have been cloned”. I emailed her with copies of my new rsa id card, rsa passport, old rsa id book and pages of my passport on which it is indicated that I left sa and entered australia without returning to sa. Due to receiving no response or acknowledgement of receipt of the above mentioned I followed up with her on 07/01/2017 (Email). Still I received no response. I phoned the store but there was no answer. I then resorted to report the matter via the mtn fraud reporting form on the company’s official website. Up to date I have not received any response from mtn. Because I view the matter as very serious and was not satisfied that it will be resolved by either the store manager at mtn brooklyn nor the fraud department at mtn, I resorted back to the mtn call centre where I was sent from pillar to post (Reference numbers of the calls [protected] and [protected]). I was given a telephone number for the so-called “fraud department”. I phoned the number several times and every time I was informed that I could not report fraud on the specific number because the number was only for mtn employees wanting to report fraud in their workplaces and that they (The specific call centre) do not deal with customers. I then returned to phoning the mtn call centre. After several attempts, I was assisted by “clarance” (Reference number of the call [protected]) who said that I should email the same documents as requested by the store manager at mtn brooklyn square to him. Out of desperation I went into an australian police station on 09/01/2017 and made a statutory declaration of the fraudulent upgrade, which I attached, together with the documents I previously forward to the store manager at mtn brooklyn square and sent it to clarance on 09/01/2017 and again on 19/01/2017. I have not received any response regarding these emails either. I again phoned the store manager at mtn brooklyn square on 09/01/2017 and she confirmed that she did indeed receive my emails and promised me that she forward them to the “fraud department” and that the matter is being attended to. On 19/01/2017 I received my monthly statement from mtn. Upon investigation of the statement I discovered that the contract in question was not cancelled and that the monthly payment has in fact increased from r189.00 to r524.00. I am now resorting to steps outside those taken through mtn since I have had no response from anyone at mtn sa or mtn brooklyn square store nor has the matter been resolved.

Jan 18, 2017

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