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I purchased a product from MindValley.com. The product had a 365 day refund. The product was missrepresented so unsatisfactory to me. I applied for a refund withing the 1st week of purchasing it. I have Emailed, sent snail mail and left multiple voicemessages. No one will return a call or correspond with me, and, they had the nerve to fraudulently charge another $66 to my card this last month.
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N  25th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi Carol,

I am Sabri, the Chief Delighter for MindValley. I would like
to assist you in resolving your issues.

Regarding the $66 charge, I am sure it was for our $1 trial,
where you will be charged $1 initially and the balance ($66)
7 days later if you decided to keep it. We will not and was
never authorized to charge any card without the card owner's

If you can write to me at sabri@mindvalley.com, I will be happy
to personally give your issue my attention and send you back your
refund. Indeed your purchase was covered by the 365 days guarantee
and we always honor our guarantee.

I would also like to check with you the address and phone number
you use to contact us. Most probably that informations need to be updated.
I am sorry for all the inconvenience caused, I look forward in giving our
customer a more enjoyable life changing experience. :)

Feel free to contact me at sabri@mindvalley.com if you or anyone reading
this need any help. :)

Best Regards

A  12th of Aug, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Mindvalley is a spammer. I've submitted multiple of their spams to block lists. The spam they sent is to people with no prior contact with them and thus meets the legal definition of spam. I am not surprised that spammers are cheating people, it goes with the teritory.

"Chief Delighter", what a crock. You are delighting yourself, nobody else. If you want to be honest, DO NOT SEND PROMOTIONAL MAIL TO PEOPLE YOU NEVER HAVE DONE BUSINESS WITH BEFORE. That just screams spam.

Mindvalley is a known spammer. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.
D  19th of Jul, 2015 by    -2 Votes
I have been a Mindvalley subscriber since 2013. I have purchased the silva method and Burt Goldmans quantum jumping from them. They are a 100% customer service oriented company. If you dont want to continue to receive correspondence from them just uncheck all the boxes. of course Vishen will come on the screen to persuade you to stay but they dont force you to stay subscribed
N  2nd of Aug, 2015 by    +2 Votes
I was given accesses to a free promotional webinar, which I was unable to watch at the time. "No biggie...they have replays, " I thought to myself. So I waited for the replay email to come through.

So, I get the replay link in my inbox, and to my surprise, it sends me to a signup page. I somehow find a page of alternative short-links (and for a moment, think I've struck gold and can watch the webinar at last) but they all tell me to go find the link in my email.

Getting frustrated, I emailed the website through which I was offered this course (Biddy Tarot) and the website itself (Mindvalley Academy)...and nobody has replied. All I get is spam-level emails from Mindvalley Academy, begging me to sign up for a paid course. Lovely!

I'm not dropping money on a course that I might not be able to access if I can't catch it live. Any company who has time to spam my inbox, but doesn't have the time to reply to my support ticket is not one I trust.

To me it seems like a giant info gathering scam and I advise you to steer clear!

Don't waste your time...and especially don't waste your money. If something goes wrong, trying to get hold of someone will be like pulling teeth (notice how the only way the above person who was screwed out of money got some action taken, was by complaining online?). They are extremely untrustworthy.

I have three words to describe them:

N  28th of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
I wanted to use the money back guarantee a few weeks ago because I can no longer afford to pay for this program. I was injured on the job and I don't know when I'm going to get back to work. As I am no longer making the wages I was before, I requested to opt out, but I was told it was past the request date and the person I was talking to said there would be no more charges to my account, because he said it was all paid up. I was persuaded to keep the program as long as there were no more payments. Now I find in my gmail that an additional payment of 119.00 USD has been made on my account, which works out to 154.64 Canadian. This was unexpected, Pursuant to what I was told, and I cannot afford this payment because there are some bills I can no longer pay, as I am on a very tight budget through my reduced income. I am also very upset about being told that this was all paid up, when in reality, I am not, or this payment was made in error. I am hoping for a full refund in the hopes mindvalley will comply in good faith if they want to keep me as a client in the future.
N  30th of Nov, 2016 by    0 Votes
Hi, I also tried to return a product I bought last week, I sent them email on Saturday asking to return the program as I have realised it is not for me. I haven't heard from them since and it seems quite hard to get through to them in any way. As I bought and kept some other programs so I still hope they will get back to me with this one program which doesn't satisfy me. They promise 90 days return back so lets see if they ever reply to my request. I will post back in a couple of days or if I hear from them. Eva, Czech Republic
A  2nd of Jan, 2017 by    0 Votes
Currently waiting for a call back to get a promised refund. They said it was 30 day guarantee. I'm getting nervous that no one is going to answer my e-mails or texts and lo and behold I will have passed the 30 day mark. I did not feel like the course was working for me. The customer service is not as promised. No one answers and you are asked to leave a message but then they hang up. I think they call them happiness consultants? I am not happy.
N  12th of Jan, 2017 by    0 Votes
I recently purchased a course thru Mindvalley. After purchasing the course and during the 30 day trial period I found the course offered $70 cheaper on an affiliate link site. I emailed their "Top Customer Support Team" with the details explained that they had this situation and that I could cancel and rejoin thru the affiliate site and save myself $70. The "happieness manager" That established contact with me was unable to comprehend what I just explained, it took her several days to reply and then when she did it was like she never read my email. I asked that they credit me $70 for my not taking the steps to cancel and rejoin and for making them aware of this flaw. What did happen during the time this "Gipsy" happieness manager put me on ice, was they closed the backdoor. After apx.3 weeks of back and forth buffoonary, I get a new happieness mgr. who says Gipsey is no longer with them and she will now be taking care of me, it appears as though shes on her game, that is until i get notice that they tried to bill me for $70 and it didnt go thru. I asked "what the heck?" She claimed to be dealing with it and now, on a Friday. They cancelled me..no sign of a refund..nada..worst customer service ever, ever, ever! They tout themselves as having great customer sevice but let me tell you, most people with this level of incompetence would be belly up by now. Horrible!

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