Milanoo / product not as ordered and refusal to rend return authorization or refund for correction

Do not use these scammers. I ordered a zentai suit for halloween and paid extra to have it custom made to my measurements. They sent a monstrosity large enough for an elephant and long enough for the jolly green giant. Then they refused to send a return authorization for 3 weeks saying they aren't sure they made it wrong. Even with pictures showing the extra foot of fabric at the hands and another foot of fabric at the feet or the suit that was supposedly made for a 55 foot 2inch tall person, they maintain they can't see the problem where they made it wrong. Despite repeated requests for a return authorization so I could have the issue corrected by halloween, they have done nothing but send b.S. Emails denying their ability to see the obvious. You clearly did something wrong (like take my money for custom and just pull something off of the shelf) if there are several feet of costume left after i'm in it. My seamstress is 6 feet something and much broader and she said she can fit what milanoo sent. Oh yeah, they remain unable to see what they did wrong even with pictures of the seamstress's pinning in multiple areas to correct the garment. Thank god for pay pal and its ability to provide relief from such unscrupulous practices. Scam city beware!

Oct 29, 2013

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