Milanoo / be warned_dont buy from them!!!

Where do I begin?! I ordered a beautiful looking dress from them when it finally arrived the cheap free cosplay set that came with it was probably worth more than the order. It was like I bought a cheap knock off that wasnt even accurate. The details were all different, the corset has black ribbon and buttons, where the one I received has light purple.
The corset looks firm like it has boning or some structure to it. The one received is one layer thick, and doesn't nearly look like the pictures.
The corset has a v like shape the the bottom where the one I received is just straight and flimsy.
The one shown even has a black bow or something near the bustline, the one received doesn't.
The top doesn't even fit nicely.
The lace doesn't even look the same the one shown is thick and shows and the one on the top is thin and not at all the same.
Looking at the back of the top, the one shown has twelve holes in which the ribbon goes through. The one received as about five??!
The colour purple doesn't even look the same.
The skirt and petticoat are two completely different sizes, one looks like a extra small and the other an extra large!
The skirt is cheap and doesn't look black but navy blue!
The whole outfit looks like a cheap badly done copy of a much nicer outfit.
I keep looking at the pictures on the site and at the dress and can't help but feel upset, and can't say it is decent in anyway. I can't even say its just my opinion because a minimum of five other people have said the same things. Not one person said they would've bought that dress.
I had to send pictures in because I want to return it, my sister couldnt even wear the damn dress it was so terrible and for almost a month since my last email I have not heard anything.
I hope they get sued! Ive attached the pictures of the dress from their site and my pics. The pics dont show how awful it is. You cant feel how cheap it is and how ripped off I feel. The fact that they have not gotten back to me is making it far worse.



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