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Midland Mortgage / Flood insurance claim

1 United States

We have flooded 7 times since 2001. We were only able to file 3 times. Twice was on the house itself and once on contains. The first time that we flood the flood insurance only paid a small amount. We only got 13 thousand dollars. We waited to try and make sure that the house would not flood again before we remodeled the house. Since there was only $13000.00 given that was not enough to cover to have the house completely repaired. We ended up paying out of our pocket $9000.00 more. We have been fighting with the city of Alvin regarding the flood and at this point we have not been able to get anything done. This passed November we flood again. The flood adjuster gave us $30,000.00 to repair the house. I called and talked to a Dan Tracy. I was told by Dan Tracy that since we had so much trouble last time he would make it as easy as possible for my wife and me to get the repairs done. Dan Tracy told me to get the quotes and to fill out the paper worked that was required by Midland Mortgage. I filled out and got the quotes that were needed for the walls and floors and bathrooms to be repaired. I then called to confirm that Dan Tracy had gotten the fax and that is when I was told he was no longer in that department. Every time we call Midland Mortgage we talk to someone different and they tell us something difference to do. We do it and then it's something else we have to do. We had a quote from the contractor for the cost and then it was to have them have him fax another quote for half the work. I was given $5000.00 for the work that I had already done and this work was told to be done by the flood adjuster. Pulling carpet, padding, renting fans We Midland sent two checks one for $3000.00 and one for $5000.00. I told them to my back and I was told that I had to have the contractor on my account which was never going to happen. I called my wife and she was also told the same thing. The one check for $3000.00 was cleared because we had the funds in the account to cover them. I still have to wait 7 business days for the second check to clear. Contractors do not work this way. You can't just give them a few dollars and stop them in the middle and wait until Midland Mortgage decided to send another check and god know what that amount is going to be. I still have my floor to get put back in. The insurance has released already $8000.00 to the contractor with $5000.00 still on hold for clearing. I understand that some people will take the money and just walk away and not repair the house. This is not the first time we have been through this and I am sure it won't be the last time. Midland came and inspected the house last time and seen that we did do the repairs. I have even subjected that they send an inspector out to make sure the work is being done, but just make sure we have the funds to pay the contractors. Midland claims they have an interested in the house, but so do we. If the are so interested in this house why are they not going with us to cit hall to fight them to stop all the flooding that we are having. I am not sure if there is anything you can do, but I would appreciate any help you can give. I need this house fix ASAP my wife is disable and I am having blood pressure and heart problems and this is make it all worst. Please help if you can.

Thanks for any help you can give
Joe Guerrero

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