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Complaints & Reviews

Holds funds hostage

Midland mortgage held over $3000 hostage in a suspend account stating they did not know what to do with it. Account numbers were listed 2x on all checks. They had the nerve to have a law firm send a foreclosure letter. When I inquired why I was in foreclosure, the best answer they could give was "I don't know, I will get with my manager and give you a call back." I did received the call back stating that they were sorry for the error and that funds in their suspend account made my account current. Recession is no excuse.

Dishonest service

Midland Mortgage CO. States that they are in Oklahoma because the rest of the country can just kiss the ground the charp on.

We paid off our mortgage but this company will return $1, 800.00 in over payments untill they see fit. According to the customer svc. rep. The State of Oklahoma allows midland co. this right. We Live in NC. I am a retired Army SF intell disabeled vet.

Why can't we get our money from this company? They bought our loan. We bought it back!!!

This company pissed on me, my wife and our daughter. Class action is the only way to end this.

Out of control

Okay, so I am going for a job with the County and they discovered an account with collections through Midland Funding LLC. I called them, they gave me a phone number for an attorney. I called them and asked them for proof that I owe this account. She tells me that we don't need to give me anything, I owe this money, we proved it by going to the court and getting a Judgement. I told her that I never received a summons and that I want proof of this account. She again told me that they do not have to send proof, that I do owe according to the Judgement. I said if you can't give me proof then I am going to sue you for the proof. Let's see what happens now. I can't get this job if I don't make payment arrangements, but why should I pay a company that said they served me, sued me and got awarded a judgement if they can't prove to me I owe this. Ugggg, I am so very frustrated. They are costing me a County job.

  • Ch
    chory Mar 24, 2010

    go to the county clerk, tell them this judgement should be dismissed because you were not properly served. don't listen to what the other lawyer told you . of course they will say you owe them, and need to pay asap. but infact, you were not properly served and go to the trial to defend yourself. the county clerk will help you . don't worry.

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Bad service

Everyone needs to check their escrow statements! I have a overage of 1014.82 in my escrow account per my 2009 Annual Tax & Interest Statement. Instead of my mortgage payment going down it went up! When I called Midland Mortgage they said it went up because of a possible property tax increase. How can that be? There's no way my property taxes can go up that high to justify the increase in my payment plus the extra money already in my escrow account. As I understand it at the end of the year your escrow should be near a ZERO balance.

with held information

i did an ach transaction with midland mortgage co. to the tune of 2300 plus dollars. it shoud only take 2-3 business but this one took a week and then it was rejected by my bank..the time line is this feb 13th contacted midland which was a friday...by monday the transaction was underway...by the 20 it was returned ...on the 23 rd they knew it was not a good transaction...did they tell when i called between the 20th or 23rd or even after these dates..NO. just today the customer service agent told me "oh, they didn't inform you about this." what they did was withold the information and make me feel as if it was my fault for not checking my bank account. which i did, that's why i was calling for two weeks, but they kept telling me that everything was okay and i should wait and watch my account for the withdrawl. didn't happen they blamed me and charged me with penalties...now instead of being paid off..i owed for dec, jan, feb, and march was around the corner. when i sent 1700 in it was over half of what i owed but the march payment of 800 still wasn't en0ugh to keep them from rejecting future payments, although they decided to take two other payments because they were doing me a favor so i would go into default..what a joke...now i have a contract for reduced payments and owe over 7000.00 due in march. this includes the lawyer fees of 900.00 late fees and so on. after almost a year of phone calls to figure out what went wrong with ach, a customer service agent finally found the part where they knew and didn't inform me. my bank manager who helped me figure out how ach charges work told me that this was fishy and i should contact a lawyer. anybody game contact me at [protected]@yahoo.com or if anybody or has a suit in progress add my story to the list

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Fraud and cheating

Our mortgage was sold by GMAC to Midland Mortgage in November 2008. I have never ever dealt with a company as heartless and unwilling to even take calls or money as this company. I call them daily to try to discuss a work out solution for our mortgage, offering cash for a forbearance plan that they suggested. The amount they want changes constantly and now they hang up on me after passing me from one non-knowing customer service rep to another.

All I wanted to know is, what we owe on the house and how much they claim we are past due. After notifying us with one figure, they claimed we had money sitting in escrow so would owe less. Then when it came time to wire the funds, the number changed by 3, 000 more. No explanation - they don't know why? At this point, we are days from loosing our home, have the money to send but are afraid it won't get applied and we will be out the money and our house.

With everything in the news about how there are so many programs and banks are supposed to be helping people keep their homes, someone needs to tell this to Midland. I feel it should be illegal for them to hold the mortgage on your home and not be willing to service it according to law. I feel like I want to say forget it, they can have this house - since they won't even answer any questions or give me an accurate figure. That only hurts me.

I am sure there have to be others. Our loan is a FHA loan and it seems there should be guidelines they have to follow? This whole thing is unbelievable, that they should be in business. I would be willing to join a lawsuit.

  • Ma
    madscientist_42 Nov 23, 2009

    There are guidelines to follow... Unfortunately Midland's typical business practices tend to be in violation of them.

    $1000 "late" fees are the norm.
    Mystery fees are also the norm.
    Until they were allowed by HUD to fold in legal fees into the plan modifications, they'd lie about the durations of in-arrearage to "get those paid for".
    They won't follow proper amounts as required by HUD for the modification (They're allowed to only charge 1.5% over debenture rates for the modification as a MAXIMUM)- they typically charge more.
    They'll misplace partial claims that you've actioned, claiming they never got them, and then send them again with the paperwork being different and the amount being more.

    Everything they do appears to be predicated on getting you to eventually default on the note and precluding you from getting out from underneath
    their "servicing" unless you've got stellar credit. Unfortunately, most of the poor souls that have this bunch as a Mortgage Company at this point
    are with poor credit and unless you meet the criteria for a streamline, you're going to be stuck with them. Until you get to a position to get a
    streamline refi, pay the note off however you can, improve your credit so you can do a regular refi...or lose the house.

    Right now, I'm talking with HUD over their latest loss-mitigation fiasco I'm involved in. We'll see if HUD gnaws them a new one, or if I need to retain Counsel.

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  • Ro
    Robingd Mar 21, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @madscientist_42 I have retained council, this mortgage company is unscrupulous, my mortgage was sold to them during the hurricane and they did not honor the previous companies terms of a deferment. they wanted a lump sum payment or a modification. Their modification increased my interest rate more than the allowed rate and my payment giving themselves over $100, 000. more over the life of the loan. With help like this you don't need enemies. I refused the modification and paid up what I owed now they are still trying to raise my payment but through my escrows, stating I owe a cushion (HUD states only 2 payment allowed) they want a years worth. They are requiring me to pay back $1700. for a wind'n hail policy I was paying myself and was not required by my original terms sold to them. They paid my policy and now require me to pay them plus a new policy for 2019 (not due till September) making double payments till September. They are not applying escrow payments of the last 6 payments. Where those monies are I don't know. They also have destroyed my good credit rating by reporting by reporting the deferment payments as late 90, 60 and 30. This all because I refused their modification and paid all back payments on my own. I have had 4 homes in the past and never missed a payment. They probably know this and want to increase my payments as a result. They took advantage of a federally declared disaster. SHAME on them!!

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  • Ti
    Tired in Louisiana Feb 14, 2010

    Good luck if you are hoping HUD will help you out, I called HUD and they assigned my case to the servicing center on Oklahoma City only for me to get a representative that was a previous MidFirst/Midland employee. She provided no assistance whatsoever, all she did was reaffirm Midland's rights to assess all sorts of inspections fees, late payment fees and wiring fees etc. I have sought counsel and he is working on the matter now. I will not give up I will make sure they are in compliance with TILA and RESPA.

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Terrible company

My home loan was with GMAC and was sold to Midland Mortgage in November of 2008. Today I received a new coupon booklet that shows my payment will be increased in April 2009.

I called Midland and they stated that the increase was probably from Insurance or Taxes. I looked up Taxes and Insurance and there was no increase so I investigated this further. I found out that I have to have 2 months worth of escrow in my account at all times over and above my normal escrow. I ask the customer service representative why and he said this is our policy. I asked if interest would be paid on that money and he said he was not sure. He asked if I was paid interest by my previous mortgage company and I stated yes if they kept it. GMAC would send a check for any overage so this would not occur.

I am in the process of obtaining legal advice because my loan originated in Texas and then transferred to Midland-Oklahoma so I am not sure of how this works from one state to another.

Will keep you informed.

  • Ll
    Lloyd Geringswald Apr 14, 2009

    Our mortgage was also sold to midland and the payment increased almost $40. I have called and also written to the company and have never received a reply. How long does it take to call a customer.
    At least you could call or write and give us a reason.

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  • Br
    bradley902 Mar 15, 2011

    Same thing is happening to me.

    Let me know if you find out anything. [email protected]

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Fraud and scam

My mortgage was held my Midland Mortgage Company for a short time. I recently refinanced and Midland Mortgage Company was paid in full. This status was reflected on their website. At the end of the month, Midland Mortgage Company took an automatic payment out of my checking account on an account that had already been paid in full. When contacting them, I was told it was MY fault because I never canceled the automatic payment (on an account that was paid in full). When I looked at my account online, I saw that they just moved the unnecessary payment into escrow, rather than return it right away. It took seventeen days for them to send me a paper check in the mail. I found out today that the check was returned, either by lack of funds or by them stopping payment on the check. This issue is still not resolved. They still have my money. This is fraud and must be illegal.

  • Li
    linnie Aug 24, 2009

    my last mortgage co. sold my mortgage to midland mortgage and ever since theyare charging me for property that I don't have and I have called and sent papers verifiying that I don't have this property and I still don't get any response back these people are crooks and I'm trying to refiniance but until then I am stuck paying it so my credit isn't bad. So becareful of this company I have never has so much trouble with any of my mortgage co like this one.

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  • No
    Nootyme Dec 03, 2009

    I know most the stories I read about midland mortgage co. are true because they have been my mortgage co. for almost four years. they are worst than any nightmare a person could esperience. the real problem is due to laws, their is no agency who can look into these complaints and make a ruling about these complaints. All I can say is take them to court my court date is now 20 days from now and midland better be well prepared becauseI will be. M.J.N.L.B.

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  • Ma
    mar_bel4 Mar 04, 2011

    hope it went well

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Awful experience

My GMAC mortgage was sold to this Midland Mortgage in Nov 08 as Warren, in Michgan was and it has been the worst mortgage company I have had in the 15 years of my 30 year mortgage, I have received no payment book, and I called to make the payment over the phone and they wanted to charge me $20.00! cannot utilize the internet to make payments. This is the mortgage company from Hell! How if/possible can we move our mortgage to someone else without having refinace and all that crap! I am worried about my line of credit as stated Veronica from Austin Tx, this is a very serious matter and we all need some serious guidance before something major happen! Please help me with any suggestions. I advise all who deal with them to use some form of tracking to keep up with payments ect, thank for allowing us this site to share and see other rip off or bad experience with business.

Rip off

These people are deceptive -- You inform them that you lost your job long before you even fall behind on one...

This is crazy

I received a letter saying that Midland funding is going to start garnishing my wages. I did not ever hear of them and I don't know who they are collecting on behalf of. This is crazy I don't know how and were these people got my information. I will be doing a full investigation of this company. They are nuts to think they will get away with this nonsense. I know I have some Credit Card debt that I am trying to resolve it is hard and now they are going to mess me up. I think Credit agencies need to go about business in a different matter this absolutely ridiculous.

  • Vi
    Vino Prince Mar 05, 2014

    I fell behind on my house payments due to layoffs and Medical hardships. I applied for the HARP Program. Prior to being accepted into the HARP program, I received a loan to bring my payments up to date. I called Midland Mortgage to see where I stood with them. The Lady I spoke to told me that could send in the money and that would bring me current. So I sent in the money bringing me current. The next day she said I had already been accepted into the HARP program and that they were holding the money I sent to apply it to the back end, which was supposed to be the late fees due, but there really wasn't any. But to get me in the HARP program I had to be late. I told them that I wanted my money back because they were lying to get a check. They said that they don't send money back and they'll take care of it on the back end. So what happened was they lied to HUD to get a Gov't check for the "supposed" late fees & payments that I was "supposed" to be behind on, even though I really wasn't, held my money for their personal use for 4 months, then applied it when I came off probationary status. When I sent that money in bringing my account current they Should''ve said we can have you apply for the HAMP program due to your recent hardship and the fact that I Was current. I still would've gotten a lower rate. So I started sending Midland a payment and a half a month. I was told that they don't have a system in place to accept half payments, they have to find something to do with that money, so they just apply it somewhere. I just sent in a half-payment of $265 on 20-Feb, with the rest being due on the 1st. They decided to apply my money to a made up inspection fee and put the rest on principal. They then sent a letter saying that they really don't want half payments. I really want to call HUD on them. Midland Mortgage is ridiculous. I am anxiously awaiting my year on HARP so I can refinance away from them. I have heard so many bad things about them. My other option is to try and dip into my retirement to pay them off. Midland Mortgage is very predatory and deceitful. Avoid doing any business with them if you can.

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They made me a victim

I was the victim of hurricane dolly and now I guess I am the victim of this mafia style mortgage co. called Midland Mortgage Co. I don't know how they hustled or muscled their way to overtake my previous mortgage carrier but these goons did, not only are they going back to a stone age way of accepting payments, now they are telling me that they will hold my check hostage until I show proof I am fixing my roof with the cheap funds another hustler, Farmers Insurance gave to replace an entire roof. If you have or plan to have this company, get away from it, do what I am going to do my and try to find another mortgage co., however I am just a victim of the system and this company has me my the you know what. DON'T GO WITH MIDLAND... YOU'LL REGRET IT!

  • Pr
    Printes Dockery Feb 05, 2012

    I live at 1933 Drexel Lake Drive and I am having problem trying to contact the Midland Mortgage, this is about my monthly mortgage payment.
    Can someone help me

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Do not ever make a deal with them

Midland Funding is a bad company. To collect on past due credit cards, there is a statue of limitations for every state. Do your research if yours is past go to court on these guys. It will be dismissed. Do not ever make a deal with them that is what they are counting on.

They have no documentation that you owe any money.

Use your Better Business Bureau also. Good place to check a business out. Attorney's included.

[protected] cell phone for process server ha ha

I am sure they would love phone calls.

Do your research is a plus. Hiring a good attorney is better.

  • Be
    bettye Jul 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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Stay away from them

My garage burnt over 2 years ago. It was covered for $15000. The insurance company cut a check for $15000. My wife and I endorsed the check and sent it to Midland which needed to endorse it also. The first thing we heard was they wanted an estimate from a contractor and they would cut a check for $10000 and the remainder after an inspection on completion. We got an estimate then they wanted an itemized estimate from the insurance company board by board. The insurance company stated that it was totalled and wasn't required. Now Midland wants the repairs made before they will pay and holds a $15000 check from my insurance company. I'm glad our house wasn’t destroyed. We would be homeless until we built another home while Midland held our insurance check?

Flood insurance claim

We have flooded 7 times since 2001. We were only able to file 3 times. Twice was on the house itself and once on contains. The first time that we flood the flood insurance only paid a small amount. We only got 13 thousand dollars. We waited to try and make sure that the house would not flood again before we remodeled the house. Since there was only $13000.00 given that was not enough to cover to have the house completely repaired. We ended up paying out of our pocket $9000.00 more. We have been fighting with the city of Alvin regarding the flood and at this point we have not been able to get anything done. This passed November we flood again. The flood adjuster gave us $30,000.00 to repair the house. I called and talked to a Dan Tracy. I was told by Dan Tracy that since we had so much trouble last time he would make it as easy as possible for my wife and me to get the repairs done. Dan Tracy told me to get the quotes and to fill out the paper worked that was required by Midland Mortgage. I filled out and got the quotes that were needed for the walls and floors and bathrooms to be repaired. I then called to confirm that Dan Tracy had gotten the fax and that is when I was told he was no longer in that department. Every time we call Midland Mortgage we talk to someone different and they tell us something difference to do. We do it and then it's something else we have to do. We had a quote from the contractor for the cost and then it was to have them have him fax another quote for half the work. I was given $5000.00 for the work that I had already done and this work was told to be done by the flood adjuster. Pulling carpet, padding, renting fans We Midland sent two checks one for $3000.00 and one for $5000.00. I told them to my back and I was told that I had to have the contractor on my account which was never going to happen. I called my wife and she was also told the same thing. The one check for $3000.00 was cleared because we had the funds in the account to cover them. I still have to wait 7 business days for the second check to clear. Contractors do not work this way. You can't just give them a few dollars and stop them in the middle and wait until Midland Mortgage decided to send another check and god know what that amount is going to be. I still have my floor to get put back in. The insurance has released already $8000.00 to the contractor with $5000.00 still on hold for clearing. I understand that some people will take the money and just walk away and not repair the house. This is not the first time we have been through this and I am sure it won't be the last time. Midland came and inspected the house last time and seen that we did do the repairs. I have even subjected that they send an inspector out to make sure the work is being done, but just make sure we have the funds to pay the contractors. Midland claims they have an interested in the house, but so do we. If the are so interested in this house why are they not going with us to cit hall to fight them to stop all the flooding that we are having. I am not sure if there is anything you can do, but I would appreciate any help you can give. I need this house fix ASAP my wife is disable and I am having blood pressure and heart problems and this is make it all worst. Please help if you can.

Thanks for any help you can give
Joe Guerrero