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Walked into Midas fairview heights, IL where I stood for 20 min before the manager got off her Facebook to greet me. She approached me and seems like she had an attitude and very unprofessionally dressed with sweat pants and a shirt with her breast showing. I wanted my rotors turned. I went to step outside to smoke a cigarette and overhead an employee saying to another employee that dawn I guess the lady upfront, told him to scuff the rotors up with sandpaper and just say he turned them.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fairview Heights, IL He told the other employee that he was not going to do something like that and cannot believe she told him to do that. I contiinued to easedrop and they talked about how she charges customers for items that are not needed. I thank the honest employee for doing the job but I will never take my vehicle back there. I have heard on the internet through various sites that she has many complaints and they have been loosing business and even read complaints from employees that they are being treated unfairly and illegally. Midas used to be much different where did they go??

Nov 03, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 03, 2017

    Have you tried contacting the location's owner or the Midas corporate customer service?

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  • Cj
      May 06, 2019

    Took me daughters Outback in to get a alignment done-because it was pulling to the right-told then I just put tire rods on the car and it might need a ball joint-they said ok-so after paying them 135.00 and getting in the car-it was worse making a horrible noise and still pulling to the right and the one tire was balancing-so I took it to another shop and they told my both front axles are broke and the car should have been driven-to dangerous-so as not fixing the alignment the broke both front axles-so that cost me 621.00 -so how do you let someone drive of your lot like that and how can you bring in a car and let it leave worse-I’m not happy and need to talk to someone and I will never go there again

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