Midas International Corporation / overcharged! from broken abs tone ring to changing parts that were not defective

I went to Midas and Spoke with Scott Frankland about an issue about my brakes. He asked what the problem was. I said that sometimes when stopping that my brakes slid so I had to press the bakes twice to make a complete stop. I also said that my brakes and rotors were done around a year ago and that I only use my vehicle in the weekend. Mr. Frankland sent his mechanic to put my truck on the lift. The mechanic remove all rims then called me over and told me that the rotors and brake pads where no good in the front and the brake pads were bad in the rear. I told the mechanic what was replace a year ago and the problem that I was having now due to this slipping of the brakes. He responded with "That's the problem". I asked him in the cost and he sent me to Mr. Frankland. Mr Frankland checked and said with the Memorial Day discount it was going to be around $530.00. I figured he was honest and trust worthy so I agree to pay. When the job was done! I was charged on my debit card $657.96. Mr. Frankland said that the extra was taxes. I left and in five minutes of driving I had three lights light up on my dashboard. 1- Symbol of a wrench, 2-symbol of car slid, and 3-symbol of ABS, and the brakes still had the same problem I first went to get repair. When calling the MIDAS the mechanic that worked on my truck answers the phone. I explained what had displayed on my dashboard and that the slipping problem wasn't corrected. After a couple of worlds he wanted to take a look at it. Arriving at the shop Mr Frankland placed a computer on my vehicle to locate the dashboard problem. They put my truck on the lift and removed the right rim and found a cracked ABS TONE RING. Mr. Frankland said that they will replace it at no cost.
Another employee that I spoke with said that they were suppose listen to why I was there and drive my truck.
When searching the internet. The cost for for this ABS TONE RING is $13.00 and with labor it should've been around $90.00. I was charged over five hundred dollars that was not needed.

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    Please!! Do not go to the MIDAS MUFFLER at 589 East Fordham Road, Bronx New York 10458. These auto service experts are experts in lying to costumers.

May 29, 2018

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