Midas / deceptive sales; charged for fake repairs

Lake Jackson, TX, United States

Note: This initially occurred last year. I found this site and thought I would warn everyone as there was no follow through by local or national management.

I intially went to this place because I had a check engine light on. They told me that I needed exhaust work (catalatic coverter, egr valve) which would correct the problem. Well, after picking up my vehicle (about $2, 000.00 worth of 'work') I quickly found out that I still had the original problem that I went to Midas with – the check engine light is still on. It did not come on right away but did so on my drive from Lake Jackson to Angleton. So, I went to AutoZone and had the system scanned. The printout verified that there were still problems with the EGR system.

The Midas receipt showed 'work' done on the EGR system. I feel like I have been led down a path of expensive repairs compounded by doing without my vehicle, and the issue which I was told was corrected still exists. Also they had a notation on the Midas receipt “Items Declined By Customer”. They were not ‘declined’ by me because I was told that the work that was being done was going to correct the check engine light issue.

I made a complaint due to paying about $2, 000.00 with no resolution to my problem. I was later contacted by a Houston-based General 'Manager' who requested I go back to have the issue addressed. I did and was met by the owner, a man by the name of John. He was very clear that he only runs an honest business. I left my vehicle for them to examine. I was contacted the next day and notified that the problem was was an EGR valve (which was indicated by the AutoZone scan as well). I did note to myself that was one of the parts which was not taken care of on the first go around. I returned John’s call and he let me know the particulars, and then dutifully advised that although Midas was good enough to replace some parts at no cost the last time, they were going to charge me for this one, $119.07, in order to correct the problem. He said they would need to drive the car to make sure everything was okay, etc, and that I could pick it up later. I got home from Houston later that dya and checked out my vehicle which my son picked up for me. I regret to say that I was not surprised when I saw the Check Engine light was still illuminated.

I went back to AutoZone to get another scan done and, well, the same problem persisted. Doesn't Midas recheck their work? Do they check the scan codes to see if the problem(s) still persist? Are they really doing the work? If they are, is that Midas using substandard parts or labor? Am I a victim of a skilled upsale?

I had initially requested a part at this location, and it was going to be under $500.00. I should not have listened when I was contacted to have the other repairs which were needed (I was told) in order to correct this issue. It was going to save me money, etc.

At this point I have paid, in good faith, $2030.57 to Midas, Lake Jackson, TX; however, no resolution to my issue. I cannot see myself going back to that store, and I am on the fence as to whether I can go to another Midas. It has been almost a year and I still will not go to a Midas.

I am posting this in hope that no one else gets taken too.


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