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Midas / customer service/owner

1 Medford, OR, United States

This complaint has been a long time coming. I used to be a loyal midas customer until I had to deal with the owner of this franchised late may of this year, I took my vehicle in to this location for servicing. I had been there before and was initially impressed with them. Boy, did things change quickly.
The location was busy and I watched as people came and went, appointments quickly filling up. The person running the front (Who I later found out is the owner) seemed a bit gruff but hey, it’s a busy day. As it got busier, he got progressively ruder – especially to females. Two women came in for a free brake check and he was very short with them. They waited for their vehicle and they struck up a conversation with me stating they had noticed how unfriendly the owner was in his dealings with me and others. Come to find out, they were bona fide mystery shoppers assessing his shop! Wow.
At one point, the owner was actually yelling at people that he had no openings left – sadly, three elderly people who were shocked and a terrorized.
Finally, the two women’s car was finished. They asked the owner for a print-out of their brake inspection. He told them no, he had no report and that they were done. He was aggressive with them. Knowing he was being evaluated, I actually tried to help and asked him why they couldn’t have a report. He said he had no way of providing one and that they were done. I tried to get one of the women to ask him again, but he walked off, ignoring her.
I was appalled now and wanted to talk to the owner (I didn’t know it was this man running the show) and stood up to go to the office door near the front counter. When I tried to talk to him, he answered a call instead so I tried to speak with an employee in the back office. He interrupted his call and yelled at me to not speak to his employee, slamming the office door and said how dare you and who did you think you are to try and talk to anyone!! He went ballistic, unhinged, yelling that he was the owner. I tried to explain that I wanted to speak with him about customer service and he continued to yell at me that how dare you try to speak to his employee and how dare you interfere with his customer. It was traumatic. I almost called the police because I felt so threatened and intimidated. I told him I was going to file a complaint with corporate midas and he said go ahead, I love them. I sat in shock in the waiting room, the only person there while I contacted the website for midas. I couldn't go anywhere because they were still working on my car. He finally told me my car was done and I told him I would never come back or go to midas again. He yelled I don't want you to come back and go anywhere but here (His store). I asked him how he would feel if he was treated like this and he shouted I don't care what you think and again, how dare you talk to his employees. I paid and ran out of the office, waiting outside for my car. He slunk around the corner and yelled I had my tech stay through lunch to help you. You should be grateful. I told the tech he should not work for this person and drove off. I have never seen anything like this - not ever. Please, call midas corporate if you've had to deal with this man.

I did complain to midas corporate and was told since he is a franchise owner, he can do as he pleases with regards to whom he will provide service. Really?? Okay, if this is the kind of person you want representing midas, your choice. They said it was a "he said, she said"... No, it's called no customer care. The owner is abusive and a bully. This is not okay.

Sep 15, 2017

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