Microsoft Xbox Livecannot get them to cancel!

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This is the scam of all scams done by, you said it; MICROSOFT.
They get these kids to create "gamer tags"...of which, often many are created.
So, not only do you see the fee for 1 account on your credit see several.

So, the kids DELETE their profile, removing the credit card information. But, still get billed.
You have TO CALL them and do it over the phone. The problem with this is that you get a representative in INDIA who barely speaks ENGLISH. They ask you about 10 questions...and if you are unable to get one of them right, THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO. My son created an account ages ago, has been trying to cancel it for months. Finally, today, I had had enough and got on the phone. I don't know his gamer-tag (he forgets it), I don't even know what phone number he provided. We have had several cel phone numbers since he got the account. So, answering the following questions isn't enough: VISA NUMBER, VISA CARD HOLDER NAME, BILLING ADDRESS - hmm, sounds like it should be enough to me. So, the representative in INDIA told me that the only thing left to do was to call VISA and have them stop the payments from their end. That is absolutely ridiculous. Come on MICROSOFT. Get your act together. Hire some North Americans (yes, this is a recession) and figure this out. I am sure that I am not the only parent out there with this issue. (I have had 4 accounts being billed to my credit cards...)
I support Microsoft in many ways. I have paid them a lot of money in the past - I own a private school with 40 windows office licenses...and now, this? They won't stop a $10.16 recurring charge on my credit card? COME ON!


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      Jun 19, 2009

    OH, and forgot to mention. Did a 3 way call with the call centre rep in india and VISA...and the microsoft representative hung up on us!
    KUDOS MICROSOFT! You have hired the best of the best!

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  • X
      Jul 24, 2009

    We fought with their Customer Service for over 3 months. We had a 12 + 1 month subscription and they kept charging the credit card on the account instead. Every month the promised to remove the credit card and it wouldn't happen again.

    Finally, we submitted a BBB complaint.. it was fixed in 48 hours! The American CS rep that fixed it acknowledged that the regular CS don't even have the tools to handle those type of situations. However, they also refused to put us in contact with anyone that did. A BBB complaint is the only way to go.

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  • J
      Sep 15, 2009

    Microsoft sucks. If you want to sign up for Xbox, it is like falling out of bed. So easy! But when you want to cancel your subscription--good luck. You cancel and then the charges start up again, sometime months later. I don't know that MS has set it up to defaud, but in effect it does that. To get the account canceled and the credit card info removed from their system, you have to speak with 4 layers of people. If you have multiple gamer tags, it gets worse, like the guy said above. I finally called Discover to cancel my credit card (solely to get rid of the MS charges) and the Discover card rep talked me into doing a 3-way call with him. It wasn't any better, but having him on the line gave me some moral support to put up with all the scripted help. My son is forbidden from ever using a credit card for any Microsoft service again.

    My experience exactly mirrors the experience of the guy from Canada above. Exactly. 4 gamer tags, not knowing the answer to one or two of the 10 questions, months trying to get it resolved, etc. etc. When I get my next charge, I am calling the BBB as well.

    They wouldn't even cancel the credit card today because I had a charge that was scheduled to be billed in 5 days from now to the credit card. It was 2 days past the official cancellation notification date. I told them that they should give me the 2 days for free because I had not used the account for months and had spent months trying to get this resolved. The rep said he would if he could, but he has no authority to do that.

    I have numerous businesses as well--probably 20 microsoft windows licenses, MS Exchange, Small Business Server, MS Office, Project, etc. My view of MS has seriously dimmed. I'll go check out OpenOffice and Firefox for a start at some MS alternatives.

    My advice: if you have to sign up for Xbox live, do it with a prepaid card. Do not give them your credit card. -jb

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  • M
      Sep 01, 2010

    To sign up for the X-Box Live account was SUPER-Simple and easy. When I decided to cancel out;
    phone line waits were up to 15 minutes WITH NO RESPONSE.
    Attempts to contact per web-site ALWAYS forwarded to the gamer web-site where options were for ADDING more games and increase billing.
    Angry e-mails got response of "please be patient with our phone representatives". Subsequent calls got no results. the 15 minute wait was on one of these later calls. Tried the long-distance # instead of the 800 #- EXACT SAME RESULTS.
    Next step will be to get my credit card to block further billing. This will likely require a fee!?!?!

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  • G
      Oct 14, 2010

    Recurring charges without concent!!!

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  • A
      Oct 14, 2010

    you mean consent? read the fine print and learn to spell.

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  • K
      Jan 31, 2011

    I had similar problems with billing. We signed up for one year and got charged for a renewal the following year. I called to cancel this since I didn't agree to renewals and get a refund and they told me I had to cancel within 30 days of the "renewal date" to get a refund. The problem is Microsoft didn't bill my credit card for 25 days after the "renewal date" so I didn't see the charge until after the 30 days. Now I am working with my credit card company to stop the payments to Microsoft.

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  • B
      Jul 17, 2011

    After becoming increasingly frustrated with Microsoft, wife googled "complaints with microsoft" and found this site. She read the above post and all I could say is "Did I write that?" MS puts up roadblock after roadblock to prevent cancellations and will not refund you any money even though they are fraudulently charging my minor child's cubit card. Hopefully my bank will support me through the dispute process but . . . . . it's MicroSoft! I will report to BBB as other posters recommend.

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  •   Aug 09, 2011

    Actually the Microsoft call center is in South Carolina I'm pretty sure... And I've never talked to anyone that was from India.

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  • S
      Apr 13, 2012

    My credit card always has double xbox live charges. How do I stop this?

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