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Two charges from Xbox live to my account both were unauthorized and illegal. They were for $49.99 and $4.99. I do not own nor have ever played an Xbox. I think PlayStation Rules! I've only purchased from Microsoft an upgrade to my windows 7 yet the charges go back to the same merchant number...the scheme is... illegally charge us...use the money until the illegal charge is questioned...then delay giving it back while using it...isn't this an old fashioned Bernie Madoff? Can you say pyramid scheme...are you proud Bill?

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  • Ni
      Mar 21, 2009

    In december 2008 our microsoft xbox broke down and we sent it for repair. It came back two weeks later with the memory on the hard drive completely wiped out. Games downloaded and points lost.
    I have three children using it. The two oldest one could remember their old nametag but my daughter who is 8 simply forgot and made a new one. But she has been unable to play online since the end of december.
    I have been paying for her online since that time even though she can't play online. And for the two weeks missing i still had to pay for the online for my three children.
    Also when we paid for online the first time, i really thought it was for only one month. We had a choice of one month, three months or one year and we decided to choose one month, to try if we would like it and the problem is that microsoft continued to take money from my account without telling me! Very misleading!
    I tried to contact them by phone, asking them to stop all payments but they said that they can't stop just because my daughter can't remember the email address. They said my bank should be able to stop the payments but when i contacted my bank they say they are unable to stop, it has to be microsoft xbox who has to stop all payments. So it's going in circle.
    I called them again but they are not moving. It means i have to pay indefinetely for my daughter who can't even play online! I wanted to ask for a refund but i dont think it's going to work as well.
    Really disappointed with them.

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  • Da
      Jun 13, 2009

    Are you an adult? seems it might have been a good idea for you to set the account up since it's going to tie into your charges. Also one of my xboxes red ringed I was out of warranty so I paid 99 bucks for another year warranty shipping and 1 year of live that's been a standard for quite some time only change is that they started covering 3 red ring faults for free and extended for 3 years free of charge. You can' sit here and tell me you are mature enough to raise children but not reset an account for a gaming console.

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  • Je
      Nov 10, 2010
    Microsoft Xbox Live - Did not make the charges which showed up on my bank account
    United States

    Three separate charges appeared on my bank account. These charges were made on November 6, 2010. I did not make these charges.

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  • Co
      Feb 09, 2011

    I just had the same thing happen. My bank called me yesterday to advise activity on my business debit card and one of the charges was Microsoft X-box. I've noticed a number of others with the same complaint on this board - shouldn't we all be trying to figure out what we have in common? It appears that a system somewhere has been hacked into. I doubt that Microsoft is putting these charges through.

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  • Tc
      Mar 07, 2011
    Microsoft Xbox Live - FRAUD
    United States

    A 3a.m. debit to my checking account in the amount of $80.80 was made to my account through my husbands debit card. We do not even own an xbox. there was also a charge of $1 that may be linked to the same company. We had to close card and get a new one isssued.

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  • Li
      Apr 04, 2011

    What is the number after the "Microsoft xb" on my bank statement mean. I had the same thing happen to me. Is this a way to track who did this?

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  • Co
      Apr 21, 2011

    The three charges show: *XBOX L WA. I can't find the phone number associated with those charges. I am almost positive that my card information was captured when I went to get gas at this one gas station. That particular gas station has a central box where you have to insert your card - the system takes your card and then spits it back out again at the end of the transaction. It did not feel right at the time. I noticed that a number of local residents at complained about their card info being taken at gas stations. The same person who made the X-Box charges also charged with - when I called them they were very helpful and told me they got a number of fraudulent sign-ups online and they reversed the charge immediately. The name of the person who made that charge was Bill Lewis in New York.

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  • Se
      Jan 07, 2012
    Microsoft Xbox Live - billing
    Fergus Falls
    United States

    I got Billed 4 times in 1 day 3 of them were for 19.99 1 was for 21.36 why does this happen they better get the ### together!

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  • Mi
      Jan 24, 2012

    Did you ever think of calling to find out what the charges were for? Someone may have accessed your account, or you may have a kid or family member that bought something. Call before you complain.

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  • Mi
      Jan 24, 2012

    Microsoft has better things to do than charge your card. Someone stole your information and used it to make a purchase. Not their fault.

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  • Ca
      Aug 27, 2013

    actually they DO charge cards without permission. Why defend them? They are not perfect. We REMOVED a card from an account and they still charged it 9 months later. When called on it we got the response it was in fact their error and not sure how the info was still in the DATA BASE but they will remove it. Guess what... that's all it is... a DATA BASE and they retain everything there. NO ONE has to bill anything it is a COMPUTER. OMG MICROSOFT HAS A COMPUTER BILLING THINGS??? Yes

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  • Re
      Aug 20, 2018

    Microsoft is extremely shady about their billing practices. I always go back in after using a gift card for 3 month live and make sure that autorenew is turned off. Low and behold, every single time it charges me for a new 3 month at the end of my gift card. It has done this 3 times in the last year...(I get the gift cards cheaper than the Microsoft price). I wonder if this is something I could sue them over?

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  • Su
      Oct 05, 2018

    I wouln't give these jerks even 1 star! they have been charging my account for months... I've had to close my card 3 times and they STILL manage to charge me. My bank told me that they can get a hold of your credit card company and get the new card number... but when I approached them with that.. they claimed I put my new card number in to pay for things... WHY would I close my card then? Then they tried to tell me that they were "in-game" purchases... ok 7 in one day and one as much as $60!! I highly doubt it! I had to get my bank to refund me a total of $3K for bogus charges!! It's ridiculous!!! Their customer service is horrible as well! I'm thinking it's time to SELL the Xbox!

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