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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate / microsoft store complaint

1 VA, United States Review updated:

Four days ago I attempted to order Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade - (Download), for $219.99 at the microsoft store web site. I also opted to have a DVD copy shipped for an additional $14.95. Upon clicking to submit the order, the instructions stated I would receive an email containing the link to download the product.

I waited hours and hours and then for a whole day and did not receive any emails or confirmation. I logged back on to the microsoft store web site, and was able to check the order status which was still shown as "Pending".

About 34 hours after placing the order, I called their contact number and spoke to a customer service representative. They told me that sometimes orders get randomly chosen for review, and in those cases I should receive an email from microsoft 24 to 48 hours after placing the order. I told them that in such cases where they are choosing to delay processing an order for a customer, they should at least minimally send an immediate email to let the customer know what is going on. They made no such effort and did not integrate that sort of consideration for the customer. I was assured by their customer rep that I would be emailed or see a status update on the order within the 48 hours after I had placed the order. The customer service rep gave me a reference number to copy down.

The 48 hours from the time of order passed and I received no email whatsoever from microsoft, and no status update of the order on their website (still "Pending"). After a few hours more, I called the microsoft store contact number again and spoke to a representative. They were apologetic but could not provide me with any useful information. They said the order was still 'being reviewed' and they offered to cancel the order if I preferred. I reminded them that the sole purpose of online product (Download) ordering by customers is to get the product quickly, or have reasonable communications etiquette with regards to the customer. I told them that treatment of customers in this way, no communicating anything at all for 48 hours, not giving any order status at all via email/web site for over 48 hours, shows a serious lack of consideration to the customer by microsoft. I asked the customer representative if all the microsoft customers get treated in this way. Again they were apologetic, but could not give me any useful information or updates about the order, at all. At this point I had called them twice, whereas they had made no consideration to to update the customer (myself) during this process for over 48 hours.

Although I expected no credit problems, I called my bank's card services department to see if the order had been attempted and if so were there any problems. They told me there had not been any transaction come through yet, from microsoft or for that amount. Microsoft had not even attempted to transact the order yet, after all this time.

During all this time I had a system I had planned to upgrade and was at a work stoppage due to microsoft's extended and unexplained delay. I did not know whether to just go out and buy the product at a store myself, or just keep waiting - because microsoft did not show consideration enough to inform me or let me know any updated status of the order. Ultimately, I got tired of waiting and went straight out to Office Max and bought myself a copy without any issues at all.

These problems with the microsoft store were in no way credit related from a customer standpoint. I had ordered many items, had plenty of reserve to spend on orders. Microsoft apparently chose to withhold processing of my order without any explanation at all.

After four days, I finally received an automated email from microsoft store, (image attached). It stated that a problem was encountered and my order was not placed, and that if I preferred, I could attempt to place the order again. 'Come now!' - Do they really think I would want to risk going through all this again!? Their email also stated the email address was not monitored. Everyone, is the true current state of Microsoft's attitude toward customer care. They have become so big with their monopoly they have so amassed, and thus their value model reflects no actual concern for any individual customer. That's long gone.

I buy from them because of their monopoly and have no choice. But, if given another choice of an equally suitable product, I would definitely choose the non-microsoft product. They are not listening to customers. They only incorporate features in their product after someone else does it first, and then they take it or buy the company, or both. This type of customer treatment is why I hope the likes of Google and others will continue to be a thorn in microsoft's side, and ultimately I think it should be broken up like the oversized telecom of long ago. Something has to get their attention, because they pay no attention to customers anymore.

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

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  • Ma
      24th of Dec, 2010
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    I agree with this complaint! I will never order again from MICROSOFT. I order from the MICROSOFT STORE ONLINE and they sent the WRONG PRODUCT TWICE. NEXT they said it's a TYPO on their website. Well why is still on INCORRECTLY after ONE WEEK!

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