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I sent this letter to Microsoft's CEO, Mr. Satya Nadella. And, unlike Jet Blue who responded with a few days when I had a problem a couple of years ago, I have not received any response. I am still waiting a reply.

I am writing in regards to a Surface Pro 4 I purchased on 1/17/16. After only two years of ownership I am very disappointed and angry that after spending almost $2, 000 on the Surface and accessories, they are now useless to me. I have been without a personal computer since 2/5/18 when my screen all of a sudden went black while in use. During the next week I searched your website and online trying to figure out what had happened. On the Microsoft website and several other tech sites, there were about a dozen possible solutions. I tried each one to no avail. At this point, I called the Microsoft support line and they said I would need to bring it to one of the stores. This was done on 2/17/18.
The closest store to me is in San Francisco, and hour and a half from my home. This was not a pleasant experience as the technician was disrespectful and rude with me. He spoke down to me and treated me as if I was unknowledgeable about anything technology wise. When he told me that he was unable to start my computer, he said the only way the problem could be solved was to smash the screen to look at the motherboard, but that Microsoft does not do that and won't fix it. He then continued to tell me he could sell me a refurbished Surface Pro 4. If he can sell me a refurbished one, then it should be possible to open mine and try to fix it since it is also a Surface Pro 4.
The following day, after driving 30 minutes out of my way to have a friend who works on computers take a look at it, he was able to determine that the Surface was getting power and he felt it should be fixed. He suggested I take it to Best Buy and have them send it to the Microsoft Service Center for me. This was done after driving home to do so at a local Best Buy. I brought it into them on 2/18/18. On 2/23/18, I received an email from Best Buy letting me know the Surface had been shipped. I did not hear anything from them again until 3/2/18, when I received two emails. The first was at about 8 in the morning telling me the computer was being diagnosed to find the problem. The second was at about 1 in the afternoon saying the computer was being shipped back to me. There was no information given to me to tell me if it had been fixed or not. I called Best Buy on 3/3/18 and they said they would look into it. As of 3/7/18, I had not heard anything so I went into the store, where they were able to inform me that Microsoft was returning the computer unfixed.
As of now, I have been without a personal computer for over a month. This has caused quite a disruption as I have had a very difficult time scheduling time to borrow family and friends computers to take care of my personal business, such as paying my bills. After just only two years, and almost $2, 000 spent, it is not acceptable that I have to go longer without one because, since Microsoft will not fix my Surface, it and its accessories are useless and I have to research a new computer to purchase, as well as find the funds for it. I expected to have my Surface Pro 4 for at least another three years. Microsoft needs to relook at their ability to fix their products. As a result, I will be looking at other brands to replace my Surface Pro 4.

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    I do not know if I would have paid for the repairs as I was never given a cost to know if it was worth it to me. I was just told that they would not do so. I was not given a choice about the repairs.

Mar 17, 2018
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  • Sh
      Mar 18, 2018

    Hi Mr. Magoo. Appreciated reading your concerns.

    I was in no way involved with servicing your particular unit, so I can only talk in general. Just as with any electronics device, the Surface family of products can absolutely be serviced however in doing so, they cannot always be serviced cost effectively. The Surface has widely become the leading computer technology within the mobile computer arena. I'd suppose there are those who might believe these units are indestructible, however they are not. When purchasing this system a couple of years ago, you would have been given an option to purchased additional warranty coverage through either Microsoft or the retailer you purchased it from. Whereas this item sounds as if it was extremely important to you and something you did not want to do without, it would have been wise to have it covered longer than the initial one year. As they say, live and learn.

    In replacing this unit, you're not likely to find anything that will perform like the Surface and likely be disappointed with anything other than a Surface. A good recommendation is to choose your retailer carefully and purchase extended service coverage through either the retailer or Microsoft on the next one. Hopefully you'll have the funds to do so not long into the future.

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  • Ge
      Mar 18, 2018

    I'm so sorry to hear of your concerns.

    You're correct that any Surface product can be serviced. Knowing the cost of the repair is not under warranty, would you have been willing to pay more for the repair than the unit was worth?

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  • Ge
      Mar 20, 2018

    You responded, "I do not know if I would have paid for the repairs as I was never given a cost to know if it was worth it to me. I was just told that they would not do so. I was not given a choice about the repairs."

    That is because the cost was higher than you could purchase a new one for. Standard procedure is never to service a product under such conditions.

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