Micromax Superfone Canvas A100 / Service Issue


Below mentioned is the complain that is submitted to Micromax.

Job sheet No. : SALMH027R2476

Service Centre Name & Location: Mobile Point, Thane
Complaint ID: MMH1810128516

My name is Mohaseen Hoble, I purchased Micromax A-100 on August 28, 2012. Initially, phone worked really well apart from getting hanged sometimes, which is normal with smart phones. Suddenly, one day, my phone hanged and then it never started. I took this phone to Mobile Point, Thane (service centre) and they told me that motherboard and display needs to be replaced. So, they created a job sheet under my name on October 08, 2012 and informed me that it will take approximately 20 business days to repair. Good enough.

I called Micromax Superfone helpline number (011-[protected]) to check the status and your rep took my complaint (MMH1810128516) and told me that it will take 15 working days from October 18, 2012. Therefore, as per your reps instruction, I called again on November 5, 2012 and the scene which I encountered was totally unacceptable.
First time, when I called, I spoke to Sandeep, he took my complaint number and everything and after 3 minutes, my call gets disconnected. Terrible!. Then again, I called and spoke to one lady, I don’t remember her name, she didn’t even apologize for the fact that I was disconnected earlier. Great Customer service. After keeping me on hold, she told me that it will take another 15 working days from today and to call after November 20, 2012 to check the phone status. Are you kidding me? I asked for a supervisor and she told me that there was no one available. Even she claimed that supervisor will give you the same information. How in this world, is it possible that there are no supervisors in Customer care departments. So it was a straight lie and very hard to digest.

Your people are saying that phone parts are not available, you are launching new phones every now and then and you don’t have phone parts. I am sorry to say, but I am loosing faith from Micromax, because this was the first ever Micromax phone I have purchased, but now I regret for my decision. Also, the other problem is you don’t even provide back up phones for use till the phone gets repaired. That said I want you to please look in to this matter and do all possible to get my phone repaired and delivered to my service centre at the earliest. I would love to hear back from you at the earliest.

Note : I have cc’d a copy to Consumer Complaint board for their referral as well

Thanks & Regards
Mohaseen Hoble
Cell – [protected]/[protected]

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