Microcenter / sold me a cracked screen and would not fix it

United States

I purchased my macbook from Microcenter and discovered a crack in the screen about 1 1/2 in up and 6 in to center, but you can only see it if there is a complete white background. Tried to return it and of course they told me I damaged it. It was only on my desk, never carried anywhere, used for less than 2 weeks. I have used laptops for 20 years and I DID NOT DAMAGE IT. They walked me through the typical, pets do it, you closed it with a pen inside (no corresponding mark on the PC), so I ended up having them repair it, After it was repaired, they wanted $180 more than we agreed on to fix it. Had several blow-out arguments with the manager who repeatedly hung up on me and they finally agreed to honor the price they quoted me. BUT I PAID TO FIX A PROBLEM THEY SOLD TO ME!!!


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