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Michaels Stores / retaliation performed by toni the replenishment mgr. @ the waterfront - homestead location.

1 Homestead, FL, United States

I am a seasonal employee hired 10/10/2018 at the Michaels located in Homestead, Pa 15120. Toni is the Night time Truck/ Replenishment Mgr. I was offered a Management position there & I declined due to my immediate mgr. Toni & her negative remarks about the company. A few days ago my boss Toni told me that the store manager was lazy & if I take the promotion that I'd get "[censored]ed on at Michaels by the Store Mgr. just like the rest". I've been very uncomfortable at the store ever since. Toni also stated that she & our District Mgr. Jim are close friends. Toni also told me that she has already gotten 3 other Managers Fired! So naturally after doing my own investigation & research I declined the offer of the Customer Experience front end Manager feeling like this place is a dead end with no growth. Well Toni-
Replenishment Mgr. on Friday 11/30/2018 while I worked today she tried to make my entire work shift a living hell. Toni is mad at me for reporting her to the Store Mgr. so today Toni decided to retaliate against me by taking my assigned work away from me, raising her voice at me telling me to get back to the other side of the store while I was doing shipment. It was even more embarrassing when Toni kept indirectly complaining about me over the PA System about my mistakes using & singeling out my name twice. Then after Toni makes her announcements she slams down the phone so the entire store & customers can hear her attitude. Customers were complaining about that as well. Toni was also being rude & nasty by changing my work schedule 4 different times for 11/30/2018 to having me scheduled to a time never agreed to working later than what was promised on my date of hire. I want someone above Jim the District Mgr. to correct this issue with Toni acting unprofessional & stressing me out. I am still grieving from losing my Mother a few weeks ago. My Mother died my very first day of work at Michaels & all of this retaliation I'm experiencing is draining me mentally & can't take any more. I'm ready to get a lawyer & seek harassment, on the job stress issues with mgmt, grievance, retaliation on the job by a manager who states that she always gets other Managers fired. This just makes me sick to my stomach. Now I have to go to bed at night knowing that my boss Toni has shenanigans planned & set up for me to ridicule & harass me. I follow polices & rules to conduct good job performance. Toni also announced that we should not use the RF guns because we should have memorized where shipment goes on the shelf. I don't understand how not to utilize the tools on the job to be more efficient. Please rectify this situation asap. Thank you very much.

Crystal Coleman -Michael's Replenishment Team - Waterfront/Homestead, Pa 15120 location-

Nov 30, 2018

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