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Michaels Stores / employee

1 4107-80 Ave Ste 105Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

I had gone into the Michaels Store in Lloydminster, Alberta, on December 27th, to buy a few canvases. The ones I wanted were high and asked for assistance to get them, which was all fine and good. It was the supervisor that assisted me as I have had dealings with her in the past regarding mistakes on my receipts etc... I bought 4 very large canvases that were on buy one get one, then I bought a few canvases that were value packs, which have no further discount. Then I purchased one small bottle of craft paint and 3 pieces of felt, in all my receipt was $140.00. I knew I couldn't uses the 50% coupon on anything but the small 2 oz craft paint but I used it anyway. All was good, left the store but on my way to my vehicles to load my purchases, a lady came up to me in the parking lot and said you should have heard what the clerks were saying about you, loud enough for the three of them to hear and the line up waiting to pay plus the customers at there tills, which my husband was one in the lineup. The clerk that served me said that was the crazy lady that always has coupons and doesn't know how to use them, they were laughing. Brandi (clerk), I do know how to use them, I am in that Store a lot and I get a lot of them, I probably could have given everyone in the line a 40% coupon, which I never even used one for myself. I was very humiliated and embarrassed, after I heard that from a stranger and then my husband came out and repeated it to me. I am so upset because one of the ladies she was talking to was the supervisor, who should have shut that talk down immediately, they had know I idea how many people I may have known in the lineup. I am a commission artist and jewelry maker, hence my frequent visited to Michaels because they are the only store around, I live about an hour away so it is not like I am there every day, maybe twice a month but not always. After I calmed down I went into the store and comforted Brandi, not making a scene which I really would have liked to, all I said I was going to report her and the supervisor to the manager, who was not in. As far as I am concerned they are both guilty and should know better, they are not kids and work in a public place with customers. This is not acceptable behaviour.

I am so hurt by what they have done and said about me I can't make myself use the canvases I bought. I have spent thousands of dollars there, if they don't value my money and me as a customer, I will have to start ordering online, there are other suppliers of art supplies maybe not as convienent.

If Michaels Store don't want me to use a coupon why do they send one everyday to my email account and give you one when you buy something. Policies for Michaels stores are not the same in different parts of Canada and not even close to the way they are used in the USA.

  • Updated by WEG, Jan 04, 2019

    I have since found out that two of the three were supervisors, that is very shameful and unprofessional. I still have had no response from Management in regards to my complaint.

Dec 29, 2018

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