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Anytime I've had to return something at Michaels, I've ALWAYS have had issues even though I have my receipt every time. They either don't train their employees on how to do a return or they hire very incompetent people who are incapable of grasping the process of how to do a return. I went to the Southgate Colorado Springs location of Michaels to return two pillows that weren't the size I needed. I bought these pillows on the same day, but at two different locations so I had two receipts. As usual, their incompetent staff was incapable of processing my return. The cashier after about 15 minutes was finally able to get one returned, but then was unable to get the 2nd one returned. She called her supervisor, who then called the manager. I had THREE (the cashier, a supervisor, and the store manager) people trying to figure out how to do this simple return of TWO items, BOTH of which I had receipts for. After about 15 more minutes of them punching things into the register, they hand me this print out saying my returns have been declined. I question how they can decline my return when I have the receipt for both items, and they are will within the return period. The oh so "helpful" manager told me he didn't know and I'd have to call the number on the print out.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Colorado Springs, CO Well, I called that number and they told me the reason I was declined was because I was trying to make a return without a receipt which obviously wasn't true as I was holding both receipts. I told the person that I had both receipts, and the incompetent staff had the receipts when I was trying to make the return, and he advised me that he didn't know why I would get declined then. Well apparently what happened was the last time I had to return something, it was two separate online orders which once again I had the receipts for, and once again, their "brilliant" staff couldn't figure out how to do the return. So instead of entering the return properly, they entered it as I was returning without a receipt which, unbeknownst to me, puts me on a list of shady characters to not accept returns from without a receipt. Well, there are two major problems with this. One, I have had my receipt every time and two when I tried to return the pillows, I had my receipts AGAIN, but since their "great" staff couldn't figure out how to do it the proper way, they tried to return it as a no receipt return which got me declined. I spend a lot of money at this store, and this makes me very angry that because they're incapable of processing a return, they've managed to get me put on black list, AND that I cannot return items that I have receipts for. I guarantee I will tell every one an post every where about their horrible customer service and incompetent staff and the inability to return items you have receipts for. I recommend everyone shop at Hobby Lobby/Joann's/anywhere else for your crafting needs if you don't want a headache.

Jan 20, 2015
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      Oct 30, 2015

    I feel for you. I really do. But please don't send them to joanns. I must be on some black list there. I returned some online orders because they were incomplete. I even tried to unsub from email offers. They kept sending me coupons. One was for 60% off. Who can resist that! I picked out the fabric that was not on sale etc etc. They cancelled my order. I had emailed after it was still pending on paypal account after 6 days. I emailed to ask when when it would be processed. Next thing I know it is cancelled with no explanation.not honoring coupons is really not good business.

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