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Hi my name is Rebecca and I purchased 4 blue shirts for a Cub Scout project we are doing with our boys I needed a liter blue and went into your Brewster N.Y. Store and asked to do an even exchange. I was already a little upset before I got to the register because the cashier tried to get his 2 friends in before me but when he saw my face he sent them away. So he called another person to help him all I wanted to do was get four shirts the exact same things just a liter blue color and they would not allow me to do that I know I didn't have my receipt but any other store will allow you to do an even exchange they proceeded to give me a gift card with the amount of $8.51 on it telling me that they don't give back full credit without a receipt I didn't want a recipt I just wanted to exchange the shirts. I had to purchase the four shirts anyway but I ended up loosing $10.98 the first $5.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Brewster, NYFrom the original purchase and then the additional $5. I had to pay to get the shirts I needed.. I understand rules I have worked in retail for 12 years now but the way I was treated in this store was ridiculous I have never been to a store they will not allow you to do an even exchange. I buy a lot of merchandise from your store as I previously stated we have been and active memeber in scouting for 4 years and it's the only local store I will never step foot in a Michaels craft store again I will drive 45 min to go to a.c Moore to get my craft stuff. I will also tell the Cub Scout pack that we will no longer be buying product from you again I will spread the word to all my family and friends. I understand policies and I could clearly see that if I was trying to get money back to deduct it from my total but to get the merchandise in just a different color is just not rite. Thank you for your time
Rebecca Gebing

May 08, 2017
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  •   May 08, 2017

    "I know I didn't have my receipt"

    I stopped right there. Nothing more needs to be said. What other stores do has absolutely NO bearing whatsoever on this store. No receipt, no return or exchange. Period. Exchanges and refunds are a courtesy not a right.

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