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Charlotte, NC, United States

My phone has been inactive on your network for almost 24hrs ago, I had not issues with my phone . I paid my monthly bill on the 29th and my hotspot I didn't have so I called in on yesterday 4/30/17 and spoke with a lady who stated that my hotspot have not been reset since I paid my monthly bill so she gave me 2gbs. Then once we got off the phone 15mins later I got a text msg saying that I had used my HOTSPOT and I had just got it. So I then called back in spoke with a man, im explain to him what happen and he is not understanding and all of sudden the call disconnected . I then called back in and it said my phone is inactive on the network so i then spoke with the 3rd person who was a lady I told her what went on and how my call was disconnected after speaking to the last man and she said that he did a troubleshooting to where my phone will go inactive for 30mins and everything would be reset, so I asked her why would he do that and not tell me and I had told him I was working from home and needed my hotspot . she did some troubleshooting with me and it still didn't work so she sent me to a Supervisor who was in California and as a Man he as well did some troubleshooting and stated for me to try restarting my phone and make a call and he will call me back in 8 mins. well I never got a call back and so I called in again and spoke with another man who tried troubleshooting nothing worked so I ask to speak with a supervisor and that was a man as well, which is now the 5 person I have spoken too. He was rude and did nothing but said he will disconnect the services and then reconnect them and that didn't work he then told me to put him on hold and try calling someone but it said unable to switch calls so he then said he was going to place me on hold and try calling me but that didn't work either so he said he will put in a report and it will take 5 business days that my phone will be like this and I told him no that cant happen because im working and I need my phone as well . so I called back in and spoke with the 6th person who was a lady we as well did troubleshooting with setting the access point names and once we was done with that the lady said wait 30mins and restart your phone and everything should work did that fell asleep and woke up this morning and same issue no phone not internet or hotspot so I called back in and spoke to the 7th man and he telling me that I switched my phone yesterday to the new coolpad is why my service is showing active on they side but not working on my phone and im like how because I still have the same ugly coolpad phone that I've had for months and he like well the notes on your account said you switch to a new phone yesterday .I told him someone is lying I still have the same ugly broken screen phone nothing was wrong with my phone before the second person did what he did to put my phone in inactive . No one can fix it ive been giving the run around . And ive never heard of this type of bs I need my phone ive missed important emergency call from my sister that needed me because her son had a seizure and she couldn't contact me . And as of now I still cannot use my phone

May 1, 2017

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