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Springfield, GA, United States
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Yeah I'm complaining about the type of service I got it one of your centers on 442 East Kearney Street Springfield Missouri 65833 when they sold me the phone they told me I can return it but they didn't even tell me that if you have an upgrade you can't until I type try to return it it was at they were acting like they were in high school instead of professional they even spell my name weed when it's Wade and laughed and thought it was a funny thing when I told them that she should have known about the return policy they said well they know about it now this is making me want to leave PC Metro after 5 years this is crazy I do not care for this kind of attitude or way of being and there's their computer system was down for 3 days and they didn't even know how to use it to begin with the service out here in Missouri really sucks they need to be taught and how to be professional

Oct 18, 2017

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