MetroPCS / my phone and the customer service I received in the store

Highpoint, United States

i have an issue with my lg phone I've took it to the metro store on fairfield in highpoint Nc on four different occasions I was told last time I went to come in on sunday because the person who had options to order me a new phone through lg would be in sunday. Today I entered the store like I was told to do and the guy at the store was very rude and argumentative with me the first thing out his mouth was I'm closing in 15 minutes I don't have time to help you then he said we nit giving you a phone I was trying to explain what the lady had told me and he said well come back to talk to her I was explaining to him she couldnt help me and he again became argumentative and told me to exit the store when I requested to speak to the manager he finally got the manager on the phone and he said it's sundaybwe can't help you we not gone give you a phone and you don't have insurance so I can't help you but you can buy a new phone I will be moving bothof my phones elswhere donto the treatment I received today but wanted to let you know the type of people you have representing your store

Oct 22, 2017

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