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D Nov 25, 2017

I went into this store on sunday night at 5:30, right before they were closing. I paid my fiance's phone bill Saturday through the automated system. His phone was still on sunday up until 3pm. Then it was suspended. It is very hard to reach an actual person on the phone so I came to this store with my confirmation #. I explained my situation to the customer service representative and she seemed annoyed right off the bat. She kept correcting me and telling me the payment was made online and that they don't have an automated system. I had my niece with me so I was not about to get caught up in her negativity. So she called customer service for me. She kept explaining the situation wrong to the phone rep. She asked me again how I made my payment and I said the automated system. She seemed confused and so I said "the phone system with the computer, where you ounch in the numbers." she got upset and said I was being rude and I responded and said no im trying to help you but you wont listen. I know what you need to do and I dont work here. I have my confirmation number, track the number. She got made told the phone rep "nevermind, she can figure it out herself." Then slammed the phone down and said "you can leave now." I asked for her name and she refused. I walked out mad and I called her a b[censor] and then she called me a b[censor] and I walked back in and said I will just take your picture and show it to your manager when I turn you in. She then told me she was calling the cops and did. I left and handled it the next day at a store by my house. His phone was on monday until tuesday at 1pm and it was shut off again. So he called tonight and fixed it through a phone rep and found out the customer service representative from this store went and suspended his account. Wow!! For. horong someone LIKE this woman I give this store zero stars if it would allow it. We were going to let it go until she went and did that. Now I will be reporting her. She was upset that I knew how to do her job better than her. Now here it is November 25th and this woman went and changed my husbands account to a lower plan. Why would you let someone like this work for you. Very unprofessional, vindictive, and crazy. We are calling to fix his plan but were having a lot of problems. This is ridiculous and the biggest problem we have is that none of your customer service representatives in the store or over the phone fully listen. This woman at the store in Arvada 7355 ralston road. This woman was working in the store sunday night the 12th of November at 5:30 and I dont know her name because she refused to give it to me. I want this addressed though. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable.

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