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Metro PCS / dangerous service!

1 CA, United States Review updated:

Metro pcs, a life in danger... no humans located. My daughter was badly beaten by her husband and in another state. Her cell phone through Metro PCS was due on the 5th and had been turned off for non-payment. She requested I pay the bill so she could make the calls necessary to enter a women's center in her home state. I agreed to do so. I called the 888 number given to me and tried in vain to get agent or operator assistance since I was not sure their recorded voice could comprehend that I was using my credit card to pay for my daughter's bill. I later found that the recorded voice was by far the most intelligent and most human person I would deal with at Metro PCS. The recorded voice told me that my daughter owed a little over $51.00. I heard that twice and wrote it down twice. I then went ahead and paid the bill without any confirmation that even though my daughter's name is not on my credit card, the payment would still be accepted, because I could not get a live person and of course that is not a question the recorded voice was familiar with. The recorded voice then told me to allow two hours for service to be reinstated. My daughter tried to use her phone all night without the benefit of knowing that I had paid her bill. The following morning she was able to borrow a phone to report she was OK and ask why I had not had her service reinstated. The police were searching for her husband to arrest him, they had not located him, and a "friend" cautioned her that he had purchased a gun and meant to carry out his threat to kill she and her family. I gave my daughter the confirmation number and metro told her that the payment was $10.00 short. I agreed to pay it, no questions asked. I attempted to do so and was told that I had "exceeded my limit for attempted payments" and I could not pay the $10.00 allegedly owed. I spent over two hours on the telephone being told by "Matrix" that they could not do anything about it but I could go into a Metro PCS in person and pay the bill. There is not a Metro PCS company within a 100 miles of where I live, and although I described the dilemma to them, explained and plead to no avail that my daughter's life was in danger and I was willing to pay the bill they told me to call Metro who had "blocked" the account. Another hour on the telephone with Metro who stated it was not them but Matrix who blocked the account and they could do nothing about it. My suggestion that they call Matrix to tell them it was OK to take the $10.00 payment, was met with the claim they could not call out! I contacted a Metro PCS in Sacramento who claimed there was no way they could take my credit card over the telephone. In any event I was told to wait until 10:00 p.m. that night and I could then make a payment. No one could explain why such a system would exist but if you read the other complaints filed about Metro it makes sense. If they give you wrong information and you are unable to pay your bill in full, they will charge you the same amount without having to provide the service because the service does not start when you pay, it starts from when you last paid even though you pay a month in advance. I was in tears. I begged them to call my credit card company, to verify my card was legitimate for a lousy $10.00, I told them I could not even contact my daughter to let her know why her phone did not go back on, to see if she was safe. They (all) ignored my pleas, and claimed there was nothing they could do. They claimed no one was in charge. At 10:00 p.m. I called to make sure my credit card payment would be correctly applied this time. I waited on hold for 20 minutes. I explained the whole story to the woman who said what state are you in? I told her and she indicated she could not find my account. I told her because my daughter is in Texas. She told me she had to transfer me to Texas. When she asked "Can I help you with anything else this evening?" I said yes, this is urgent, do I have to wait on hold again? Her response was to say thank-you and put me on hold. After another 25 minutes of waiting, I hung up, called the 888 number again and made a $10.00 payment on my daughter's account. Thankfully, when I called her, she answered the telephone and she was safe, but also upset with metro. I told many of them that if something happened to my daughter I hoped they could sleep at night, one woman said why would you blame us for your daughter getting hurt? Most of the staff was rude, they all claimed an inability to do anything and an unwillingness to try. The woman in Sacramento said if she hand entered the credit card and it did not go through she would have to pay the $10.00 herself. She could not answer about why she could not call my bank to verify the payment was good. I offered to send her a copy of the credit card by facsimile, a copy of my driver's license, a copy of my passport, have my bank call her. I was desperate and no one wanted to help. I suggest that no one ask Metro PCS or their staff to display humanness if there is another September 11th... maybe they will loan the world their little recorded voice...

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  • Me
      3rd of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    they have the worst insurance coverage a employee could have, its called metlife!!!

  • Je
      14th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Although my problems with metro were never that escalated I too have experienced problems not only with the payments but with many other things they claim to have under control. The service reps are always rude, and always apathetic. The service I get in this state sometimes varies and it takes my 5 minutes to even connect to a call! What kind of service is it when you need to call 91 and cant?

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