Metro PCSbeing cheated out of my money

I want to file a complaint!!! I went to activate my phone yesterday and got CHEATED!!!
The guy told me in order to active my phone it will be $69, so I said no problem. He then asked me to see my phone. I handed it to him & he said "This phone has no sim card!" I told him thats impossible. He kept trying to convince me that there was no sim card in the phone.
He then said in order to active the phone I'd have to give him $40 for a sim card plus $69 to activate it! I told him no, that I was for sure there was a sim card in the phone when I left the house. Still he tried to convience me that there was no sim card. He then said "Okay $5 for the sim card." so I gave him $75.
He activated my phone, when I walked out of the store I saw that he put me on the $30 a month plan. I went back & told him I wanted to be on the $60 a month plan, he told me that would be $40 more dollors. He said to be on a $60 a month plan it cost $100.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hamtramck, MII've never in my life paid $100 to be on a $60 a month plan.
He argued with me that the $30 a month plan was as good as the $60, that I was still getting high speed internet, talk & text. I told him no, it's different. But he would not back down, he kept firm saying the $30 was like the $60 a month plan. He said to me "If you want to be on a $60 plan go home & get some more money!!!" I told him "I want my money back." He said " No. If I give you your money back I will get in trouble with my boss for short changing the drawer." I then walked out. I went to another Metro pcs store & explained what happened, the worker there said "He cheated you for sure. You gave him the exact amount to be on the $60 a month plan & he stole your money." I got home & saw that he had given me a different sim card, it was not my sim card that I've had for 4 years. This guy took my money, wouldnt give it back & tried to cheat me out of more money. I am beyond pissed! Now I am stuck with the $30 a month plan with a slow 2gb until next month

May 08, 2017

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